Can Grand Island Roman Shades Work for Every Room in the Home?

When redecorating, you will likely look at the different window treatments available. You want something that will complement all designs, especially if you plan on redecorating again in a short space of time. Roman shades in Grand Island can be beautiful additions to rooms, but do they work for every room in the home?

There are some considerations to make before you buy roman shades for every single room. There is a major downside to one element of the shades.

Remember They’re Fabric!

The big issue with roman shades is that they’re fabric. This is great for working with all decors and color schemes. You can get shades that stand out and draw attention or those that blend in with your walls. It’s easy to continue a particular style through the shades, or get something that is easily going to match any changes that you make.

However, fabric does offer a downside. It can collect dampness in the air. If you get a set of Grand Island roman shades for your bathroom, expect the heated moisture to collect within the material. This can lead to mold or mildew growth. You’ll find that vinyl and metal blinds tend to be the most preferred options for bathrooms and kitchens.

This doesn’t mean roman shades are no good for your bathroom or kitchen. It just means they may not be the best option.

There Are Ways Around This

With some maintenance and treatment, you can protect the fabric from collecting the moisture. After all, there are plenty of rooms that use roman shades in their kitchens and bathrooms without a problem.

Good ventilation in the rooms is essential. When using the shower or running a bath, make sure you have the extractor fan going. If you have a window, open it. Using these to your advantage will help to draw out the moisture and heat from the room, so the damp can’t settle into the fabric of your shades. Even without the shades, you should use the windows and extractor fans to prevent damp problems around the windows and in the bathroom walls.

It’s also worth removing the shades now and then. If they feel damp, take them down and make sure they dry out. You can clean them at this time too. Every week you will want to use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust collected on the shades. This is a good time to check for any dampness.

When there are any signs of mold growth, remove the roman shades in Grand Island and check them over thoroughly. You want to disinfect to make sure you get rid of all mold spores and avoid a mold growth problem in your bathroom.

Make sure your blinds don’t touch the window. Since the window will collect condensation and moisture, you can transfer it onto the blinds. By keeping the blinds out of reach, you offer a little space to allow the moisture to circulate and leave the room.

You can use Grand Island roman shades in your bathroom or kitchen. Just because they’re made of a fabric material doesn’t mean they’re off limits. They just may not be the best option. Consider all your options and the maintenance required to determine if they’re the best for you.