Sunset to Sunrise: Adjusting to the Long Nights and Warm Days of Summer

Well, summer is here and although we've had more rain than I'd like, at least my garden is green and lush. The old wives tale 'Red Sky at night...sailor's delight' has brought a lovely warm evening and the sun staying up past 9:00 p.m! Delightful indeed.

Longer nights and warmer days harken summer and with that, preparations for the months ahead will put you in good stead to adjust to the lighter evenings and keeping cool during those hot summer days.

With the kids off during the summer, lighter evenings can wreak havoc on bedtime and morning wake-ups. To combat this, form and function can easily be found in roller shades and blackout blinds that allow you to be in control of how much light you prefer at different times throughout the day.

Roller shades and blackout blinds also support families as your children progress through different age groups - from newborn's who require numerous naps during the afternoons and early hours of the morning, to your teenagers who want (although they may protest that they require!) to sleep in on vacation. For new parents setting up nurseries for their upcoming additions, outfitting the baby's room before the arrival of your little one will be one less thing to worry about and will provide additional support to all of your new sleep schedules!


Budget Blinds Mississauga West and Oakville offers a variety of colours, patterns, textures, and sizes that will fit and match any room and need. In fact, one of our new Roller Shade Books from Mera Window Fashions shows off our great array of bright and colourful offerings that will match any room décor and in fact, can be one of the focal points of a room as can be seen in this picture of an adorable nursery.

In addition to the use of blackout shades, some clients also incorporate side and bottom channels which allow for total darkness when you want it.  Whether you work shift work or have children that sleep during the day, you are in complete control of your 'dark' and 'light' times throughout the day that work with you and your family's schedules. In addition to supporting sleep times, room darkening systems in conjunction with the blackout shades support another important factor we encounter in the summer - HEAT!

You are also seeing more motorization of window treatments these days; in particular for those hard to reach windows that become a problem in the summer with the sun working against the air conditioning. Luckily, there are systems that allow you to set the times to raise and lower your shades automatically or those with a sun sensor so no timer is required. 

A Budget Blinds installation will ensure you take advantage of the sun when you want it and keep the heat out when you don't. Having a consistent schedule and using natural means to reduce interior heat will also help cut down on air conditioning needs and in turn, hydro bills!

In addition to keeping the heat out and the cool in, some solar roller shades also help block UV rays helping protect your interior household items such as carpets, floors, and furniture from damage. Moreover, quality roller shades reduce glare on the technology that a busy family uses on a day to day basis and can provide some privacy without compromising your views.

To learn more about your options and how we can help you enjoy the summer, even more, please contact us for a free home consultation.


Until then, I wish you all wonderful summer.