Bring the Outdoors in!

Spring and summer may have been reluctant to make an appearance, but we shouldn't have to sacrifice seasonal traditions, nor our desire for fresh interiors and bright rooms.

Now that summer is finally underway, what can you do to freshen up your home after what was a long hard winter. Aside from throwing open your windows for long-needed doses for fresh air, here are some tips to make the most impact in brightening up your space.

Let's bring the outdoors in!


Who doesn't like a good purge after a long hibernation? De-cluttering offers us a great opportunity to look at our space with fresh eyes and a ruthless license to let go of 'stuff'. Re-examining the items we have accumulated on the principals of WANT vs NEED vs STYLE will also open up your space and see it in a new light.

Re-shuffling furniture always brings a new feel to a room, but small modifications to your living areas can have just as much impact - or more! Storing your items differently or re-positioning art-work are little changes that make big impressions!


If Marilyn Denis can get away with mismatched pillows on her sofa, so can you. Color charts are effective guides for ideas and inspiration, but my recommendation is to choose a palette that speaks to you.

Yellow and teal are in this season which is a coincidence considering we are lacking in sunshine and blue skies! Fresh cut flowers have a way of bringing cheer to any room while a vibrant pillow, decorative drapes over your existing window treatments or a bright graphic rug will have an immediate impact in your room - and your mood!


Windows are our 'filter' to the world outside, so consider going beyond the usual window washing this year and focus on window coverings. A light vacuum or wash will easily eliminate the build-up of dirt brought on by the seasons - and bring a revitalized look to your rooms.

Take the time to check the state of your blinds and coverings as a quick adjustment (tightening/screw) may be all you need to see them through another season. Should you discover your coverings require extensive repair or replacement after years of use, fresh designs may be the answer. Fashionable contours, adjustments in light intensity and energizing color schemes can infuse a room with light and beauty.