Your Patio Doors; A Place to Show Off

Patio Doors, Patio Doors, Oh what to do with those patio doors? With so many options to consider, it’s hard to know which path to take.  While they are often the most expensive window covering your purchase, they are guaranteed to be your showpiece…  So what do you do with them?

Hard or Soft window fashions?  Motorized or Manual?  Light-Filtering?  Room-Darkening?

You may be considering some beautiful shutters for your home.  While motorization and tracking systems are available for any window in your home, Patio doors are truly their ideal application. Manually-operated Tracking Systems are a clever option as the top tracks tend to support the shutter’s weight and allow for much easier manual operation. Stack-back options can even allow us to completely clear the window opening for the maximum view – and make the overall look of your window much grander in the process. In a motorized option, you can control them with the click of a button. While these options will up the budget a bit, they are certainly not to be overlooked and bring a certain blend of “old-meets-new” in a classic solution with a modern twist.

Drapery is always a crowd favourite and its possibilities are endless! While we know that drapery can often be a less “Budget Friendly” product, there are ways to reduce costs: You can choose decorative drapery panels over the top of basic sheers. Your drapery panels will not cover your entire window but will add a splash of colour and provide a more finished look to your basic sheers. An inviting “Soft Fashion” look to your space - without breaking the bank. I do have to admit, however, that it is hard to resist all of the beautiful options available that add window jewelry to your drapes.  Color-blocking & banding, tassels, and crystals, Tie-backs & Rosettes, Cornices & Swags all add personality to your windows. The right balance of these options helps you personalize your windows and create a space you’ll love.

But don’t limit yourself to Drapery or Shutters, find the right style to fit you. Let us show you how to get there – on budget at Budget Blinds of Toronto North.