Window Film: Add a Peek-A-Boo Element to Your Windows

Most of us will automatically think of fast cars and tall towers when we think of Window Film, but its quickly taking its place as a commonly used solution for residential use. More and more people are turning to window film as a cost-effective way to cover their windows.

We have leaped out of the box and have left it miles away with the possibilities of window film. Faux stained glass, faux wrought-iron work, company logos, patterned films, frosted films, layered, safety & even bird distraction films. Truly, anything you can think up can be presented as a film in a way to meet your needs: Have a favourite landscape from your last vacation? The coral reefs you photographed while diving off the coast? That perfect sunset? What would you like to see up in your windows?

We are also seeing the introduction of beautiful faux wrought-iron work for our clients’ windows. Often seen as a front-door sidelight application, they feature a frosted privacy layer and well as a decorative design overlay; all while inherently adding to the shatter resistance of the window glass.

A personal favourite of mine is Apex Window Film’s “Abstract Leaf Matte” shown here. Soft and delicate, this film will provide privacy and help soften the direct sunlight. Not necessarily a stand-alone product, window films also pair beautifully with other window treatments. Add a smart little roller shade and step-up the look with an additional feature for windows that constantly surprise.

One thing to consider when entering the world of window film is to ensure you factor in the installation cost. While some considerable savings can be made in choosing film over other products, its installation can be tricky and install charges can end-up canceling any savings made here.

All in all, however, window film is not a product to be overlooked in the search for the perfect window treatment and can inexpensively add a playful “peek-a-boo” element to existing shades.

You’re limited only by your imagination! What will you dream up next?

We’ll help you get there.

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