Proportion & Balance

There are so many factors to consider when choosing the proper window treatment. But one factor not to be overlooked is ensuring that your final choice compliments & enhances the balance of your room.

We can take shutters as a prime example: When considering a shutter to be used as a dividing wall in a large loft space, you may want to look at a larger slat size. A 4 ½” slat will look much more in proportion than a 2 ½” slat would. By the same token, if you are looking to cover a small bathroom window, a 2 ½” slat will provide a much more balanced look to your finished project. 

The divider rail placement is also important. While we often see the divider positioned at the half-way point on the height, however, a position which is much more pleasing to the eye would have it at approximately two thirds of the overall height (I.E. If the overall height of the shutter is 60”, the divider rail should be positioned at about 40” – 45” from the bottom-up

Draperies will also follow similar rules of proportion and balance. Tie-back positions for drapery panels should follow the same rules as shutter divider height placement. Although we are tempted to position them at a central height, we should always be following the rule of thirds for the best aesthetic solution.

Valances heights and panel widths should be carefully considered to ensure they don’t look too skimpy or too heavy. Proportion is paramount in ensuring the correct balance.

If you’re unsure, mock it up to scale. Fantastic programs exist such as Studio by Minutes Matter which will allow you to design your window treatment and truly get a feel of the finished product sizing, to scale, and within the parameters of your actual space. This is just one of the ways we try to go above and beyond to ensure you’ll be in love with your new space.  Custom solutions from Budget Blinds of Toronto North.