Frequently Asked Questions About Motorized Blinds

Today’s world is all about automation and Smart devices. We ask our phone to pull up that song we like by singing a few notes, we turn on the A/C without getting up from the couch, and we change the color of our lights with the push of a button. So why are we still getting up and manually opening and closing our blinds? 

Well, you don’t have to anymore. Budget Blinds of Tempe and Central Phoenix has premier options for motorized blinds and shades. We also understand that putting something new in your home like this might come with some questions. That’s why we compiled a list of answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about motorized blinds.

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What Are Motorized Blinds?

Motorized blinds are the future of home automation. Simply put, motorized blinds open and close on their own. You don’t need to get up, or even enter the room! They use a quiet electric motor to lift or tilt the blinds as needed. 

So, how do they work? Some blinds operate on a timer, others with a push of a button, and some have unique sensors that increase energy efficiency by automatically adjusting motorized blinds with rising temperatures. All of them come with manual control options as well — you can open or close them with a push of the button so you can have as much or as little light in the room as you want. 

As a bonus, their cordless designs makes them a safer choice for homes with kids or pets.


How Long Do Motorized Blinds Last?

Because there’s no need for harsh tugging, no strings for pets or kids to play with, and no need to keep straightening slats, motorized blinds are highly reliable and can last even longer than traditional window treatments. The average window treatment can last 3-10 years, depending on use and maintenance. Motorized blinds last 5-10 years, on average, depending on use. 

How often you are using your blinds or shades can also have an impact on their longevity. If they’re battery operated, then the battery will need to be changed periodically, but there are many options for electric motors as well. 


Are Motorized Blinds Worth It?

Yes! Motorized blinds aren’t a techy gimmick that you’ll never use — they’re convenient, efficient, and designed to save you money. And those three things are always worth investing in! This is especially true if you have taller windows or if windows are in places you’re unable to reach easily. 

For regular windows, they’re extremely efficient. Here in Arizona, heat loss and heat gain mean everything during the summer and winter. Think of how hot your living room and kitchen gets because of the large windows that you love. Think of how you start your day by opening them to let in the morning light, and then have to remember to close them by noon to keep out the summer heat. 

Beyond the heat, think about your furniture and floors and how they fade in the harsh Arizona sun. 

Motorized blinds and shades put an end to all of that. You’ll never have to worry about opening or closing your blinds again. You’ll also start to see the positive impact to your energy bill in the summer as they work effortlessly to block out the heat and keep in the cool. You can simply close them with a push of a button, or you can automate them! 

Automated options are completely programmable too, which means you can set the blinds to open or close at times that fit your lifestyle. It’s little touches like this that truly makes a house a home.


Do Motorized Blinds Look Good?

If we put motorized blinds and traditional blinds side by side, you would hardly be able to see the difference. You might notice that one is cordless, while the other is not, or that one might seem slightly bulkier on the top (depending on the model), but that’s it!

There is no exposed motor, no unsightly or bulky parts to install, and no huge visual difference between the two, other than the lack of cords to raise or lower them. 

Automated and motorized blinds still come in a wide variety of styles and transparency levels. If you shop for them at Budget Blinds of Tempe and Central Phoenix, our motorized blinds are completely customizable to fit your style and your needs. They’ll look just as good, if not better, as the traditional options, guaranteed. 


Are Motorized Blinds Expensive?

Yes and no. At Budget Blinds of Tempe and Central Phoenix, we have motorized options for every style and for every budget. In general, they’re more affordable than you may think! It all depends on what you want for your home. 

That’s where our design experts come in. We offer free design consultations (virtual or in-home) to find the perfect solution for your home and your budget. That means finding the right motorized option, or traditional option, for the right price. Give us a call and let’s take the first step toward home automation, together. 

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