Four Reasons to Choose Motorized Blinds and Shades

Motorized and manual blinds and shades aren’t different when it comes to style or versatility, but when it comes to usability, safety, and efficiency, the differences really start to stand out. Motorized blinds are made to fit any and every lifestyle and are the future of smart home technology. They’re designed to work for you, while manual blinds and shades make you work. 

At Budget Blinds of Tempe, our interior designers will make any space functional and fashionable so it fits both your tastes and your needs. If you’re looking into whether you should get motorized or manual window treatments, here are four reasons why you should be interested in motorized blinds. 

1. Motorized Blinds Help Conserve Energy

One of the biggest draws to motorized blinds are their energy-saving abilities. Financially, motorized blinds are designed to help you save money on your monthly energy bills. 

Motorized blinds installed by Budget Blinds of Tempe are programmable, so they will open and close in accordance to the sun and heat. This will help keep your house cool in the summer and naturally heat it in the winter through passive solar heating. 

You can also have them close with a press of the button to keep the hottest times of the day where they’re meant to be — outside. So if you have lots of windows or rooms that tend to get too hot or too cold, a motorized option is your best bet.

Even without programmable technology, motorized blinds can add a significant insulation value to your windows with just one push of a button. The traditional roller and honeycomb blinds offer an R value of 4.3 (resistance to heat conduction), while a typical double glazed window has an R value of 2.0. You can further increase the R-value by adding drapes to the same window for chic layered effect that offers both energy efficiency and style. 

2. Motorized Blinds are Convenient 

There is simply no beating the convenience of motorized blinds. They can be opened and closed by a single push of a button. Some can even be opened without being in the room if you can control them from your phone or put them on a timer! 

At Budget Blinds of Tempe, our motorized blinds have whisper-quiet motors that can be programmed with timers to open and close at specific times during the day to help save on energy costs. There is also an array of control options, such as hand-held remotes, and other innovative accessories add true customization for raising and lowering your motorized blinds. Motorized blinds deliver an unmatched blend of convenience and natural lighting control at the touch of a button.

Motorized blinds also eliminate the need of reaching up for a cord or struggling to close a tall window, or one that is out of reach. Every window will be able to be shaded or provide sunlight at the push of the button, without the cluttered look of a cord. 

3. Motorized Blinds are Safer

Cords on blinds can be a safety hazard for young children and pets. Thankfully, blind cords are not as deadly as they once were, but 1 in 8 children still become entangled in cords, which can result in cuts, bruises, strangulation, and death. 

With motorized blinds, you ditch the risk of an accident completely. 

If you have pets, you also leave the chance of them playing with and destroying the blind cords behind. You’ll no longer have to tie them up to the curtain rod or place them high out of reach — they won’t exist anymore if you choose to go motorized. 

Some smart homes are also able to detect fires and automatically open motorized blinds as well! This will allow firefighters and first responders to see inside the house before they enter. 

4. Motorized Blinds Create the Illusion of Someone Being Home

If you’ve ever been on vacation for a few days, you probably lowered your blinds before you left your house. This can be a sign for potential robbers that no one is home — as can an open blind! Motorized blinds help create the illusion that someone is in the home as they raise and lower by themselves. 

They also create a level of security by shielding the contents of your home from prying eyes. They come in a variety of colors and materials, so you can choose to have dual roller blinds installed with sheer fabric used during the day with blackout fabric that comes down automatically at night for added privacy.

Can I Afford Motorized Blinds? 

Yes! Compared to many energy-saving solutions, installing motorized blinds is a relatively inexpensive way to control solar gain and insulate your home. Additionally, the integration of smart technology increases the ability of motorized blinds to reduce energy use, and therefore reduce your monthly energy bill. 

Give Budget Blinds of Tempe a call or visit online to receive a free in-home or virtual consultation to find the perfect solution for your home, even if it’s not motorized.

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