The Best Types of Westbury Blinds for the Kitchen

When improving the look of your kitchen, you’re likely looking for window treatments. Blinds in Westbury tend to be the fallback option for this room in the home. They’re easy to use, offer a lot of light control, and don’t need a lot of maintenance. But there are just so many types of blinds. Which ones are best for your kitchen?

It’s All About the Water Absorption

Don’t just look at the types of blinds in Westbury, but about the types of material. The kitchen gets very hot and can sometimes be damp. When you’re boiling pans, you end up with steam rising up. So you need material that isn’t going to absorb all the moisture and lock it into its fibers.

When the materials absorb the moisture, they can cause mold or mildew growth. This puts your family’s health at risk. The great thing is that a focus on the material will help to avoid all this.

Look out for materials that are waterproof. This could include vinyl, plastic, metal, and faux wood. There are many options that will work for your exact decor and style needs.

Think About Smell Absorption

The blinds won’t just absorb the moisture in the room. The wrong material will absorb all the smells from the room. Even if your room is cleaned regularly, you will still end up with scents. This is especially the case if you cook a lot of fish throughout the week.

Look out for materials that aren’t as likely to absorb the scents. Look for those that find it harder to absorb the grease that you use. You want material that is easy to clean.

Faux wood and vinyl blinds are among the best, but metal will also work. Wood and fabric Westbury blinds are much harder to clean and get the scents out of.

Consider the Size of Your Window

Horizontal slat shades are effective, but what about if you have a window that’s six foot wide and four foot tall? You’ll need multiple slat blinds to cover up the whole window. This can look untidy and leave gaps in the window. You’ll also find it more time consuming to close all the blinds.

Consider vertical slat blinds instead. You still get the light control and the right materials, but you have a better chance of covering the whole window with one set of blinds. They can be a little trickier to install but they are mighty easy to use on a daily basis. You’ll also find them extremely easy to clean, avoiding the problem of smells and water absorbing into them.

Think About Window Placement

The issue with vertical slat blinds will be the location of your window. If you have counter tops in front of the window, you’ll find it harder to pull the blinds closed throughout the day. You want something that is easy to reach for and pull on to close the blinds. Vertical slat blinds can also be too heavy to install, meaning you may need to hire someone.

Think about the weight and fixture of the blinds. In this case, the horizontal blinds may be the best option.

Look into all your options for blinds in Westbury for the kitchen. The material is important, but you’ll also need to consider the size and placement of your window.