How Long Will It Take to Get Shutters in Westbury

Unlike many other types of window treatments, it takes time to get your Westbury shutters created and installed. These are custom-made options for your windows, which is one of the reasons it takes so long. With many others, you can usually get items that have been made in bulk. But exactly how long will it take to get your shutters and install them? Here’s a rough timeframe to help.

A Few Days for Your Shutter Consultation

The first stage is the consultation for the shutters. This is where someone comes over to measure your windows, discuss your design options and help you customize your look. It can take a few days to get up the initial consultation, depending on the time of year and how busy everyone is.

From there, it will depend on how long it takes you to decide on your shutter options. The sooner you make decisions over the style, colors, and types of shutters in Westbury, the sooner they can be made. But that doesn’t mean you should rush. It’s important to be entirely happy with your purchasing decision.

Creating Can Take a Few Weeks

The creating of the shutters will involve the longest time period. All shutters need to be made by hand, so they’re measured properly. Every little nook and cranny within the shutters needs to be just right. If one part is off, the rest of the shutters just won’t look right. This will mean sending the shutters back to be made again, which just wastes time.

It’s best to allow the designers and technicians to get to work. Let them create the beautiful masterpieces right the first time. Once they’re ready, it will be time to ship the items to you. The exact timing for creation will also depend on the materials, the items in stock, and the detail of artwork and customization.

Scheduling a Time for Installation

Now the timing will depend on the options for installation. In many cases, the Westbury shutters will be installed for you. This will help ensure the window treatments are installed properly and safely. It’s especially important for exterior shutters, since there are chances someone will be high up on a set of ladders. Getting someone to install the shutters for you could mean an extra couple of days to set up the appointment.

If you want to install yourself, this can reduce the amount of time you wait. You can get the shutters mailed directly to you or pick them up from a location nearby. The latter will mean everything is on your terms, so you get more control over the timing that it takes. However, bear in mind that you will then need to make sure they’re installed correctly and some guarantees may be voided by opting for self-installation.

Shutters in Westbury tend to take the longest to create and install in your home out of all window coverings. They really are worth it. If you’re worried about privacy and light control while you wait, you can always buy temporary blinds or curtains until your beautiful shutters are ready for your home.