5 Ways to Add Draperies in Oyster Bay to Your Home

Want to add Oyster Bay draperies to your home? They can look absolutely beautiful, as long as they’re used in the right way. If you’re struggling with ideas and style, these ways are certainly worth the consideration.

Two-Shaded Draperies for Your Home

Sometimes you don’t just want one block of color around the window. You want to work with all the shades in the home, especially in a bedroom. The top way to use modern draperies in Oyster Bay is to use two-colored drapes.

The drapes will have block colors, usually white and another color. Make sure the colors are prominent in the room. Work with throws on the bed, ornaments around the room, and the color of furniture. This can require a little of extra decoration around the room, but it’s all worth it when you get a gorgeous style.

Anchor Electricity with Yellow

Bright yellow drapes were once a home décor faux pas, but they have become a bright way to anchor electricity in a room. If you’ve gone for the modern artist look, you can add too much vibrancy to the room. Guests can struggle with where to look. You want something that anchors the look and draws attention in.

Yellow drapes are perfect for this need. You’ll keep all the attention on one spot, allowing the artwork and other colors to blend in and match.

Match One Particular Color

The way most people use Oyster Bay draperies is to match with one particular color in their room. This can actually help the drapes stand out, depending on the color you work with.

If you want the drapes to blend in, you can match the color of the walls. Create a basic wall of color throughout the whole room, so specific pieces of art or ornaments stand out instead.

When you want the drapes to stand out, work with one color of ornaments, furniture, or throws. Have white drapes against patterns wallpaper, working with the white of your bedroom furniture and throw on the bed. Match with browns of the couch in the living room and the woodwork around your room.

Decorate Your Wall

Your drapes don’t have to just dress a window. They can also dress a wall and add simple decoration without a lot of installation or maintenance work. Children’s bedrooms can benefit in this way. You can make drapes with their favorite animals, cartoon characters, or colors. The drapes hang as if they would around windows, but cover the majority of the wall.

The benefit of using drapes to decorate the wall is that you reduce the need for paintwork. It’s possible to change decoration quickly without needing a landlord’s permission if you rent. It’s much easier to add style and personality, especially as your children get older.

Make a Drape Divider

Like with decorating walls, it’s also possible to use drapes in Oyster Bay as room dividers. The drapes can keep the costs of room dividers down, while offering style and personality to the rooms. You can have two drapes back to back to make sure the styles work with the individual rooms.

All you have to do is pull the drapes back when you want to open the space. The drapes end up overlooked when open, so guests focus on the space.

Use your Oyster Bay draperies with style and practicality in mind. They’re not just good for blocking light, but will also add personality and color to any room.