4 Steps to Choose the Right Material for Your Shutters in Oyster Bay

You’ve decided on Oyster Bay shutters for your home. Interior shutters look beautiful and add character to any room they’re used in. You don’t need to add them to every room in the home, but you can with ease. It’s also possible to customize them for their specific uses in each room they’re applied.

The material of the shutters is one thing you will need to consider. Here are four steps to take to choose the right material for your shutters.

Consider the Room and Moisture

Using wood shutters in Oyster Bay bathrooms isn’t the best idea. Wood is a porous material and will soak in all the moisture from the room. The wood is then likely to suffer from rotting much sooner than it should.

If you have a room with a lot of moisture, you’ll want to consider shutters in a waterproof material. Faux wood and vinyl can look absolutely beautiful and add far more benefits to the bathroom windows.

That being said, wood can be added to other rooms. They are perfect for many bedrooms and attic rooms, especially the north-facing rooms!

Think About the Sun Exposure

Some materials are more likely to succumb to sun and UV damage than others. They can also succumb to heat warping. Any room that faces the south or has a lot of sun exposure at various times of the day will need to have material that won’t be affected.

Wood can warp easily. Some metals can also cause a problem. Vinyl is one of the best options, but faux wood tends to be the most acceptable. It is created with materials that will reflect the light instead of absorbing them completely.

However, all materials can be beneficial if you’re willing to do extra maintenance. Cleaning and treating the materials effectively will help to protect from sun rot and heat warping.

Consider the Decor

Having bright metal shutters in Oyster Bay will work well for modern or futuristic decors. However, they will draw the wrong attention when in a small cottage with a vintage look. Wood will help to bring the rustic appearance, but can add too much age to a simplistic design that works better with vinyl.

Think about the type of design and style you will gain from your shutter materials. Make sure they work to the design and personality that you want to gain from the home.

Think About Customizing Your Shutters

Everyone wants Oyster Bay shutters that work to their personality and style. That can often mean customizing their shutters through shape and paintwork. The material will often affect the ability to customize, but there are ways around.

For example, wood and vinyl shutters are extremely easy to paint. You can also have sections cut out, allowing you to bring in a small shape of light into the home. You’ll need to touch up the paint every now and then, but the ease will keep the costs down.

Other materials may need fabrics placed over them for customizing. On the other hand, you may find that non-personalized designs are the only option.

Think carefully about the types of materials you use for your Oyster Bay shutters. Each material has its own pros and cons and will react differently depending on the room of your home.