3 Tips for Choosing Cozy Roman Shades in Glen Cove for Your Conservatory

While you want to let plenty of light into your conservatory, you will sometimes want to reduce the glare. Glen Cove roman shades are beautiful additions to any sun room. They’re practical and help to reduce the heat coming into your room throughout the day in the summer. Make sure you get that cozy, happy feeling with your shades by following these top three tips.

Use Warm, Relaxing Colors

The color of the roman shades in Glen Cove is essential. You want to choose colors that are warm and relaxing. Certain colors give off certain feelings and are associated with specific emotions. Your conservatory is a place to feel warm, cozy, and happy.

Opt for oranges and yellows. When you look at them, your mood will instantly perk up. You’ll get this feeling of summer, even in the dead of winter. The colors help to get rid of those winter blues and seasonal affective disorder. As the sun shines, the orange and yellows will light up even more, helping you forget about the cold outside.

Consider Floral Patterns

Roman shades will instantly offer a feeling of coziness because of the pleats. However, you can go one step further and opt for floral patterns. Leaves, flowers, trees, and vine patterns can all help to offer that feeling of the outdoors in your conservator.

And you can work with the warm and relaxing colors mentioned above. Opt for fall leaves around your conservatory. Consider the oranges, reds, and browns of the fall that help to remind you of those cozy nights in with warm soup. If you want a summery look with your Glen Cove roman shades, you can also opt for the yellows of sunflowers and bright greens of trees and leaves.

You’ll instantly look at your blinds and feel happier. You’re reminded right away of the outdoors, the sun, and warmth. You can also get different shade styles for different times of the year. Compliment the season with different floral patterns for a cozier feeling.

Opt for Thicker Materials

Roman shades have the benefit of coming in different thicknesses and fabrics. Opt for thicker materials to help create a sense of warmth. They can still allow some of the light to shine through, but will reduce glare entirely to make your sun room a more comfortable sitting space.

Thicker materials will also offer more heating benefits. During the winter, they will help to trap more heat into the sun room, so you don’t lose everything to the cold outside. More warmth will instantly help you feel cozy and happy. You can curl up on the couch with your throw and a good book, without thinking about the snow falling outside.

In the summer, the shades will offer cooling benefits. While reducing glare, they’ll send the heat from the outside back through the window. Your conservatory stays refreshing throughout the summer, so you can enjoy all parts of your home.

It’s time to enjoy your conservatory space. Your roman shades in Glen Cove will help you do that effectively and easily. It’s all about getting the right styles and colors. Follow the above tips and you’ll have a heart-warming space throughout the year.