Should You Get Off the Shelf or Custom Window Draperies in Lakewood?

You have two main options for window draperies for your Lakewood home. It’s possible to buy off the shelf or invest in custom made draperies. Is one really that much better than the other? Do you really need to spend extra money on custom fit? Here’s a look at the pros and cons of both options to help you decide.

A Better Fit for Your Window

One of the biggest benefits of custom window draperies in Lakewood is the fit. They will be made to measure, ensuring you get the perfect width and length. Your draperies look like they match the windows perfectly, dressing them with experience and sophistication.

While you can find some off the shelf options fit, more often than not you have to make a compromise somewhere. Draperies are usually made to fit the average window and home. You can find they are actually too wide or too long (or even the opposite way around). While you can take them in, they require a little work to make them just right.

A Better Fit for Your Decor

Custom made draperies will definitely work with your decor better. After all, you make sure you get the exact color and styling that you need. The decor fit will also apply to the holdings when the Lakewood window draperies are open and can sometimes apply to the railing.

If you have a specific decor you want to work with, custom fit may be better. You’ll need to find someone who knows your decor and style well.

When you have a basic, neutral decor, you’ll just want something that works well with the room. Off the shelf can certainly help with that. While there are a lot of plain colors, you can also get designs and patterns for a little extra money.

A Better Fit for Your Budget

Of the two options, the off the shelf window draperies in Lakewood are going to be cheaper. They are made by machine in bulk. The draperies are done quickly and efficiently, with minimal materials used.

Custom made options will take longer to make. They have to be created with specific sizes and requirements, and are often made by extremely talented seamstresses. This will mean that the cost is higher. But you get a much higher quality product.

A Better Fit for Long Term

While custom draperies cost more, they are usually made with more care. The materials are often superior, too. This will mean that your Lakewood window draperies are worth more in value. They will last longer, so they won’t need replacing as often. However, this will also depend on the materials used, the lining added, and the way you care for them.

Off the shelf draperies can last years. It will depend on the way you care for them and whether there is a lining. With a good lining and good maintenance, you can prevent sun rot.

Which type of curtain will you get? Do you want custom made window draperies for your Lakewood home? They will require a slightly larger budget, but they could instantly fit your style and sizing needs. However, off the shelf draperies are cheaper and may be better as a short-term option. The choice is completely up to you!