Make a Smaller Room Bigger with Lighting, Shutters in Steilacoom, and More

A small room can sometimes be off putting. It can feel much smaller than it really is, especially if you don’t choose the right decorations, window treatments, and lighting. You can use shutters in Steilacoom to your advantage, along with colors, lighting treatments, and so much more.

Once you’ve got rid of the clutter in the room (that’s always the worst for making a room look small), you can start looking at redecorating. Here’s how to use everything to your advantage.

Add More Light to the Room

The first thing to do is try to add more light to your room. This is possible with more lighting items, such as well placed lamps and better shades on the ceiling. However, shutters in Steilacoom are also perfect for helping to add more light into the room.

Unlike many other types of window treatments, you can fully open the shutters if you want. Whether on a single hinge like a door or rolled/folded to the sides, you can open up the whole window space. Let in as much light as you can during the day to create a larger room.

Don’t just think about natural or artificial light. Think about the colors. Keep your decoration as light as possible. Darker colors will draw the room in.

Use Mirrors Opposite the Light

If the shape of your room allows it, hang a mirror opposite your windows. This allows the light to come in and reflect, making the space around you look larger.

Even if you can’t hang directly opposite the window, you want to add at least one mirror into the room. The light all around will reflect and you get this appearance of there being more space in the room. It’s only psychological, but you’ll be amazed at the way it works.

Choose Plantation Shutters in Steilacoom

There are so many types of shutters around. The best for a small room are plantation shutters. Café shutters are a second option if you have a small kitchen or dining room, but they’re not the best for bedrooms.

Plantation shutters in Steilacoom have the louvers, a little like window blinds’ slats. You can change the direction of the louvers and allow light into strategic points of the room. This helps to manage light levels with the shutters closed if you like them like that for privacy.

Don’t forget to keep the shutters light. If you don’t want white, opt for light brown, pastel colors, and even yellows and oranges. Not only will the light shades offer more positive thoughts, but they’ll allow the light to reflect off them instead of soaking in. This creates the appearance of a larger space.

Are you ready for a larger living space without moving? It’s all about perception and a little redecoration will help with that. Through shutters in Steilacoom, good lighting, and mirror use, you’ll soon feel like you have a much larger space to work with than ever before. It’s all psychological, but it’s a powerful option for all spaces.