Is Home Automation in Spanaway Right for You?

More items around the home are become automated. This is especially the case for blinds. It’s now possible to open and close at the touch of a button. The big question may have is whether Spanaway home automation is right for them. Could it be too expensive? Is it just a waste of money? Here’s a look at factors to consider to see if it’s right for you.

Do You Struggle to Reach the Blinds?

Not everyone can reach the top of their windows. Even windows that are relatively low can be tricky, especially if you have mobility issues. The last thing you want is to pull out the step ladder every time you want to open and close the blinds!

On top of that, you may have cut the cords. You’re using cordless features to keep the children and pets in your home safe. But it makes reaching for the blinds so much harder.

Home automation in Spanaway helps to reduce the hassle. You get to open and close with just a touch of the button. The only time you’ll pull the step ladder out or ask a family member to help is when you need to dust within the mechanism once a month or so. If you want an easier life, especially with mobility problems, automated blinds are definitely for you.

Do You Want Something to Connect to Your Phone or Timer?

Your lights in the house are connected to a timer. So is your heating, your alarm system and so much more. The garage door is connected to your smartphone and now even some heating systems can be connected. The only thing that isn’t are your window treatments. While your lights are on to make it look like someone is home, your blinds are wide open and people will know.

Sure, you can use net curtains to make it difficult to see in, but there’s still a chance people realize the truth. You want to make the whole home look busy and full. Making the home look like someone is in will help to reduce the risk of someone breaking in.

Getting home automation in Spanaway will help with this. You can get a wireless system that is connected to your smart device. Alternatively, you can have a wired system connected to your electrical timer. When your lights turn on, the blinds close and people think someone is home.

Do You Want to Manage Your Blinds Conveniently?

Your blinds can be excellent for managing light levels, but they can also be a faff. You have to get up and down to open and close them. Then you have to manage the slats on venetian or vertical blinds, making the blinds far more time consuming. While these aren’t a problem for some, they’re a hassle for those who work from home or have mobility problems.

While getting home automation won’t completely take out of the hassle of opening and closing blinds, it will make the process more convenient. Rather than getting up and going to your window, you can press a button on a remote or on your smartphone. You can control everything from where you sit. The only thing you’ll have to do is not lose the remote!

Is Spanaway home automation right for you? Only you can answer the question confidently, but looking through the three factors above will help you come to a decision. They can certainly be a more financially convenient option in the home.