How to Make Your Guest Room Cozy with Blinds in Steilacoom

Blinds in Steilacoom are one of the most beneficial and affordable options for a guest room. They come in a variety of colors and styles to keep the space neutral for anyone who could stay. But you don’t want bland or a hospital look with all white. You can make your room cozy with these top blinds tips.

Opt for Bamboo or Natural Wood Blinds

Natural wood and other materials are perfect for a minimalistic but cosy look for the guest room. You immediately bring the outdoors into your home, offering a range of heating and lighting benefits. This can also help to bring the sense of camping in the summer or the log fires in the winter, depending on the current season.

Your guests will immediately feel at ease. The heating benefits help to reduce the feeling of being cold in the middle of the night or the worry they’ll run your electricity bills high with the use of air con. The coloring also brings attention. It’s natural and contrasts beautifully with neutral walls.

Match the Flooring

Instead of making your blinds in Steilacoom match the walls, why not let them match your flooring? This is excellent if you have a carpet of a darker shade to the walls since you bring some beautiful contrast with the blinds. It continues that contrast naturally.

If you have wooden or faux wood laminate flooring, you’ll want to continue that with your blinds. Look out for wood or faux wood blinds that are in the same wood coloring as the flooring. The benefit of wood is the neutral color works with absolutely any other décor color in your home.

Keep Lines Simple with Cordless

Look out for roman and roller blinds in Steilacoom that are cordless. This isn’t just a safety thing, although definitely worth considering if you tend to have children staying. You want blinds that have simple lines and will blend well with the rest of the room. The cords tend to stick out.

However, when you do want to create a cozy room, make sure the blinds are easy to use. The last thing you want is your guests to not bother with them and then being woken by the sun shining through the window!

Consider Standing Out with Darker Blinds in Steilacoom

While it’s normal to work with lighter shades because they open spaces up, sometimes you’ll find coziness is better with darker shades. This doesn’t mean you have to choose black and that’s it. Of course, black and white work well together and create a minimalistic look, but you can also opt for dark shades of different colors.

Deep blues, reds, purples, and greens can all add to the coziness in a room. Working with neutral colors elsewhere, you draw the room in only slightly to add to the peaceful feeling.

It’s time to think about the décor in your guest room. Your blinds in Steilacoom will help to make guests feel at ease as long as you get the right designs.