3 Ways Cellular Shades in Lakewood Help You Save Money

While shades are traditionally the type of window treatments that will save you a lot of money on your bills, Lakewood cellular shades are the exception to the rule. They can be the most beneficial, especially when you want to save money on your heating and air conditioning bills.

The shades are among the most affordable, so you’re already saving money by buying them. However here’s a look at the three top ways cell shades will help save you money in your home.

They Block the Heat Leaving the Home

You won’t need to put the heating on in your home throughout the window as much as you currently do. Cellular shades in Lakewood are created to circulate the home back into the home. All heat will escape out of the house and you lose a lot through the windows, even windows that fit well.

Cellular shades are also known as honeycomb shades because of the style the zig-zagged layers of material work together. The honeycombs will circulate back around into the home as it tries to escape. Plus you don’t have the gaps between the edges of the shades and the window frame, as honeycomb shades are now often placed in a runner within the frame to get rid of the gap.

Because the heat gets back into the home, you don’t need to use the heating as often. Your room’s heating will remain at a more consistent level, so you’re comfortable in the winter. That will instantly save money on your bills.

They Send the Heat Out in the Summer

During the summer, you will usually have the opposite problem. Rather than the heat escaping, it comes through the windows and causes the room to get hotter throughout the day. You then need to put the air conditioning on to help keep the heat in the home down.

Lakewood cellular shades work in the same way in the summer as they do in the winter. However, instead of keeping the heating in the home, they will circulate the heat back through the window. You can keep the heat in the home more consistent, so you don��t need to use the air conditioning or your fans as often.

They Allow Light but Not Glare In

When you use the blinds, you don’t necessarily want to block out all the light. A good set of cellular shades in Lakewood are good for this exact reason. While they block the glare, they don’t stop all the light shining through, so there’s no need to turn on the electric lights during the day.

At the same time, they don’t allow the UV rays. These are the rays that cause damage to your furniture and your walls. You don’t need to pay for replacements.

It’s time to seriously consider Lakewood cellular shades. There are so many options out there, but cell shades will help you save money when buying and in the long term.