Smart window treatments can bring value to your home

Smart window treatments can offer a variety of benefits including increasing the value of your home.

Motorized window shades or blinds can be controlled by a mobile app, one example of smart window treatments, allows for home automation which is becoming increasingly popular. Additional capabilities like this brings more value overall to a home.

Smart window treatments can also help you balance the energy consumption in your home, by tapping into solar power and insulating your windows. Sun and wind sensor technology enable blinds to react to weather changes automatically, keeping your power saving routine in practice even when you are away enjoying the outdoors. Green features like this, improves a home’s efficiency while maximizing functionality, are always desirable.

Home automation and energy efficiency are just a few ways smart window treatments can bring value to your home. If you would like to learn about other ways smart window treatments can bring more value to your home, please contact us at 509-955-7070.