5 Tips For Designing With Minimalism In Your Home

Minimalism is still one of the most popular interior design styles. The design's lack of clutter and clean, open space make it an attractive trend for many homeowners.

But it's one thing to minimize how many items you own and another to design with minimalism in mind. That said, here are five tips to consider when designing a minimalist interior in your own home.

  1. Think of form and function when making furniture choices. It may be the standard to invest in a couch and two accent chairs when designing a living room. But do you really use your accent chairs? Think of how often you use certain pieces of furniture before you invest in them or they may only add clutter to your space.
  2. Stay simple with your window treatments. Window treatments are as important as wall color when it comes to designing your home's interior. Look for treatments that have a simple, effective design like plantation shutters, transitional shades or roller shades.
  3. Create a neutral base color. Neutrals are a key player in minimalist design, but that doesn't mean every minimal design is drained of color. Rather, each design has a neutral base such as white or brown. This helps create a clean, airy feeling to the room.
  4. Don't be afraid of texture. Minimalism uses texture to add character and comfort to a home. For instance, a single white room can feel visually cold, but a white room filled with different textures such as faux-fur pillows and plantation shutters gives a room unexpected depth.
  5. Stylish storage does wonders. Clutter doesn't magically go away when you invest in minimalist design. That's where stylish storage comes into play. Instead of keeping clutter on your coffee table, you can tuck things away in a sleek shelving unit or an intricate bookcase.

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