What’s Hot for 2014 in Window Covering Designs

Many of us leave our window coverings as the last part of the design process. When things become too overwhelming, we tend to procrastinate. Window coverings can pose as a design challenge that we don’t want to deal with or seem like a major investment so we keep putting it off, at the expense of having to stare bare view – or worse, having that feeling of living in a fishbowl where people can see in. For 2014, it’s time to tackle this task and here are the top 5 trends to turn your window area in your new favourite and fabulous focal point.

1. Texture  

 We have become very particular about what touches our skin.  Our home interiors need to feel good as well as look good. We want to be as pleased as much in the touch and texture as the color. Natural elements such as woven woods made of grasses and reeds are a great way to bring in texture. Soft comfortable fabrics with texture bring dimension and smooth sleek surfaces will be the main focus for 2014's home decor.  

2. Sleek lines with Organic Light 

Simple, sleek lines are dominating window fashions in everything from flowing drapes to chic sheer Roman shades. Creating sleek silhouettes against a window instantly lends a clean, modern look to any window and room.  Organic light is a huge bonus so if you have huge windows be sure to let as much light in as attainable. This can be accomplished by either making use of light, transparent, airy coverings.

 3. Patterns

 Strong geometric patterns have been seen on fabric and furniture for the last 3 years. In 2014, we will see those dominating lines softened and classic, floral patterns replacing the angles. Try updating your current look by introducing floral pillows to your existing decor. Pairing a geometric drapery panel with a bold floral pillow will work well in the right colour scheme and update your look. Go for it and have fun!

Some of the stronger floral patterns can be overwhelming for some. Ease into the bolder floral prints by combining them with a white or neutral background. Consider a solid white sofa with floral pillows if you are easily “the faint of heart” regarding floral.

 4. Colors 

Blue is taking reign and made a top index of 2014's most prevalent colors. As with past years, shades of blue-green (teal, turquoise) are growing in popularity, but expect to see more monochromatic schemes of mid-tone blues.

Yellow is also trending strong for 2014 in design. This color can be quite tricky. Too strong and it can be blinding, too light and the punch can be lost. Try pairing it with grey, taupe, and sand to get the perfect accent color in the space.

Find a custom blind & drapery company that can also make you custom pillows to bring in the hot colours of the year that also include violet, green and orange. Neutralizing these bright colours, homeowners can use softer shades of natural, organic colours to pair and create a fabulous focal point that is inviting and pleasing to the eye.

5. Motorization & Technology

The ultimate in luxury is having all your blinds, shades and drapery raise at the touch a button. One New Year’s resolution I’m committing to fro 2014, is waking up earlier in the morning to work out. The snooze button is far too tempting to hit, but if you have your blinds programmed to open at 6 am, it is harder to ignore! Make 2014 your year and splurge on this luxury feature. It may even help you improve in other areas of your life!

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