Knock Out Window Treatments

7 Sleep-Inducing Features for Window Treatments to Help Drowsy People Get Better Sleep  

 Whether we're losing sleep over family issues, job pressures or just run down by the hectic pace of our 24/7 society, many of us need some rest.

 Getting a good night's sleep shouldn't be considered a luxury. There are simple things people can do to create a sleeping environment that's a knock out. One suggestion to get your required amount of rest is to make your bedroom conducive to sleep - dark, cool, quiet and comfortable.

 Exposure to light can disrupt sleep. If the light is bright enough, it can reset a person's sleep-wake cycle or circadian rhythm. If drawing the blinds closed doesn't block the light from that pesky streetlamp that's disturbing your sleep, there's still hope.

 Here are some of the options sleep-deprived homeowners can choose from:

1.    Add side channels to eliminate the light gaps on the sides of shades. Side channels with blackout shades are perfect for shift workers who sleep during the day and the friend to new parents who want to encourage good sleeping habits for infants and toddlers.

Here is a picture of blackout roller shade fabric without the side channels and without the fascia at the top. See all the light that seeps through? Light is like water and will seep through any little crack there is. For someone not sensitive to light, this might be okay. However, those that want complete blackout will be disappointed with this amount of light coming in.

See the aluminum side channels that block those gaps of light


There is also a fuzzy caterpillar bottom to block light from coming in at the window sill. In condos especially, there are only mullions in between window panes making it challenging to block out light gaps without the use of side channels

 2.    Add drapery panels to block light from seeping through any gap that exists between your window treatment and the wall.  The added benefit is you can change your drapery panels with the seasons and update the look of your room.

Stationary drapery panels with blackout liner are a great way to eliminate the light gap and add softness to your room.

Blackout drapery was added to cover the light seeping through the room darkening Silhouette blinds' slats

 3.    Cornice boxes and valences block light that can enter through the small gap at the headrail of the window treatment


 4.    Add decorative tapes to horizontal blinds to block light that enters through route holes, or choose route-less louvers for your blinds.

Faux wood blind with cloth tape to cover up route holes

 5.    Roman shades and woven woods benefit from the addition of room darkening liners, which present a uniform look to the street. Room darkening cellular shades block light and add insulation between cooled indoor air and the glass.

Blackout cellular shades that have a top-down bottom up feature

Roman Shade with a blackout liner in behind for this Guest Room makes for a cozy sleep

Woven wood with a blackout liner in behind & stationary drapery panels block the light gaps on the sides

 6.    Cover up skylights in the bedroom with blackout cellular shades. This will allow for better room darkening and also keep the room cooler and more comfortable for sleeping. You would use a skypole (which is a long pole with a hook on the end) to hook into the handle of the skylight window covering to open it.

This picture features the cellular shade skylight coverings in a cloud white colour that matches the ceiling to create a seamless look. Also, on the windows, we have a room-darkening roller shade that drop down behind the beautiful gauzy window shades giving it a 3-in-1 functionality.

 7.    Sleep experts encourage troubled sleepers to wake at the same time every day. An additional feature that can help you wake at the same time every day is programmable motorization.  Just set the programmable timer to open your window treatments at a specific time in the morning and the light that was blocked all night will help wake you.


The best part about our service is there's no need for sleep-deprived homeowners to shop from store to store to find the right window treatments or attempt to do it alone.

 Budget Blinds offers convenient, free in-home consultations as well as professional measuring and installation services. It doesn't get easier than that!