Decorating small spaces

Decorating a small space can be a challenge, especially when it comes to window treatments. However, there are plenty of ideas to choose from, including drapes and sheers, window shadings, top-down bottom-up blinds and other modern window treatments that will suit your home. Read on to learn about the top five window treatments for small spaces.

 The Top 5 Window Treatments:

1. Drapes and sheers are coming back in style full-force. They create softness in the room and can also help you increase energy efficiency by keeping warmth inside during the winters or keeping the heat and UV out during the summer - and still complement your existing decor. Adding a 12” – 16” banding at the top of drapery can draw your eyes up in a small space, elongating the height of the room (see picture).

Drapes made of sheer fabric can make even a tiny bedroom seem airy and spacious.  With a blackout roller shade in behind the sheers, you can still enjoy room darkening from the morning sun or bright street lamps.

Monochromatic colour schemes can also make the space feel larger as it keeps the space clean and streamlined; sheers help create that look while adding softness and texture.

Boutique hotels use this layering technique of window coverings often for style and function.


You can even add draped fabric along just the sides of windows versus having full panels that will make a space feel enclosed. Spruce them up with vintage necklaces as curtain tiebacks for chic and trendy look.



At Budget Blinds, we are one of the only companies to offer fully washable wrinkle-free fabrics that you can toss into the washing machine when the drapes get dirty. Just hang them up to dry and the drapes and sheers will look brand new!

2. Window shadings such as Silhouette-style blinds and Illusions shadings offer a gauze-like fabric within the blind that keeps any room open and airy. They are the ultimate in window covering sophistication and transform natural light into a warm luminous glow. They offer 3-looks-in-1!

 A soft look with the vanes open looking through the gauze material

Closed for light filtering or for privacy 

Completely disappears when rolled into the 3” cassette to enjoy the view!

At Budget Blinds, we are one of the only companies that also offer a room darkening roller shade that comes in the same cassette! This is great for an office that you want to also use as a guest room for sleeping. The best feature is that you don’t require any additional depth in the window opening – all you need is 1.5” of mounting depth and you can enjoy both the window shading and the room darkening roller shade all-in-one!

3. Top-Down Bottom-Up Shades are great for small spaces since you can still enjoy the natural light and seeing the sky or trees while maintaining privacy from pedestrians.

Shades don't have to be boring, either; you can find these window treatments made of fabric, bamboo and other great patterns or textures.

4. Light filtering roller or solar shades are a fantastic way to keep it light and airy but still get privacy. They roll up into 3” into the ceiling so they don’t obstruct any of the view or natural light coming in when you don’t want to see your window coverings. 

Solar shades allow you to see the outside, even when the blinds are down making the space feel much bigger. This is a great option for condos that don’t have privacy issues and are high above the city or lake-facing.


Budget Blinds is the only company to offer an exclusive “No Questions Asked Warranty” where even if you (or your pets or kids) damage, abuse, misuse or stain your blinds, we will replace them for you one time – no questions asked! This is on our Signature Series blinds.

Roller shades in a laser-cut pattern brings the outdoors in along with a natural diffused light:

5. Window film offers security and privacy. It also increases energy efficiency in your small space by blocking some of the heat and glare caused by sunlight.

While you may not want to use window film for kitchen window treatments, this light filtering material will work well in an office, on arches, shower doors, any glass door or on transom windows in condos or lofts.

This decorative damask window film pattern is exclusive to Budget Blinds

 Karen Pemberton, Window Fashionista