7 Tips to Make Your Home Bloom on a Budget

As winter is edged out by spring, many homeowners are eager to refresh their homes while being mindful of their budgets. The good news is homeowners don't need to break the bank to spruce up the place.

"There are many budget-conscious things homeowners can do to polish the look of their homes", said Karen Tsao-Pemberton, who owns and operates the local Budget Blinds franchise serving the Beach area.

Karen offers these suggestions to brighten your rooms for spring:

  1. While paint colour can change the mood of a room, window coverings can change the way light reacts with that colour.
  1. Adding a simple drapery panel to an existing window treatment softens harsh angles, adds a bit of drama and makes a room more inviting. 


  1. Professional decorators repeat an accent colour three times in a room - once in the lower third of the room, once in the middle third, and once in the upper third of the room. We suggest repeating that accent colour with a drapery panel, coordinating throw pillows and a throw rug. 


  1. To save some money when buying a drapery panel, ask your style consultant about stopping the fabric at the floor than allowing it to puddle. 
  1. Swap your drapery panels and accessories seasonally. 
  1. You may wish to choose faux wood over real wood. The benefit is faux wood resists warping better than real wood and is an excellent choice for humid rooms like kitchens and baths and is more economical than real wood blinds, shutters or silhouette style blinds. Plus it is a major upgrade from those aluminum mini-blinds that can easily get bent or verticals that have missing slats. 
  1. Create a "wow" factor with our new Decorative Window Film. Get a beautiful stained-glass look for your windows, or a serene patterned frosted glass etched with vines or damask for the trendsetters.

Karen Pemberton, Window Fashion Design Specialist provides solutions for both large and small-scale residential and commercial custom window coverings projects. Owner of Budget Blinds S.E. Toronto, Budget Blinds specializes in providing a vast array of custom drapery, blinds, and shutters to suit every budget with over 100 locations Canada-wide and offers an exclusive “No Questions Asked Warranty.”