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  • rsz_2sue1

    Sue Swarbrick

    Owner & Style Consultant

    Lutron Certified Smart Home Expert

    Inspired Drapes Certification

    Sue began her adventure with Budget Blinds in Regina where her eldest son Joey was hired as an installer. Sue joined the dynamic Regina team as a Style Consultant after leaving management with Reitmans. After experiencing the Budget Blinds model, it was not long after that she and Gord decided they would like to try their hand at owning their own franchise.

    Since opening their doors in 2011, they’ve thrived in rural Manitoba. Not only emphasized by their reputation in the area, but internationally with the corporate side of Budget Blinds. Sue has been asked many times to speak on panels, assist new franchise owners, and has been awarded for their specific contributions to the Budget Blinds brand. 

    You just need to see Sue in action to know that she has been crafted to do this kind of work. Having a diverse background in a multitude of service industry positions, Sue is masterful when it comes to providing an exceptional customer experience. 

    If she’s the one that comes to your door to consult on window treatments, you know you’re in good hands!

  • rsz_sue_and_gord

    Gord Swarbrick

    Owner & Installation

    Lutron Certified Smart Home Expert

    Inspired Drapes Certification

    Having spent his youth in and around his family-owned lumber yard and construction company, Gord is well versed in the practical skills this trade demands. In his adult life, he spent many years in accounting, both private and public practice, before performing many management and advisory functions within the Co-op Retailing system. Combine the two, and you have an exceptionally competent blend of hands on practical and behind the scenes attention to detail.

    Gord’s recognition has also expanded into international territory where he’s been asked to sit on committees within the Budget Blinds family to lend his expertise on the nuances of their business. Gord rarely lets details slip by him and is incredibly industrious in the way he approaches problem solving. 

    Between Sue’s masterful customer service and Gord’s practical expertise, the customers that

  • shane

    Shane Swarbrick

    Style Consultant

    Lutron Certified Smart Home Expert

    Shane is the youngest son of Gord and Sue, but don't let that fool you, this firecracker is a capable young man when it comes to consulting for shades!

    Shane joined the team in the fall of 2018 as a Style Consultant and has developed into a key team member. Having explored different areas of sales throughout his adult life, Shane is well versed in the art of customer service. The energy he brings to his consultations married with his customer service skills are infectious. It is not unusual to hear feedback from customers that have solely decided to do business with us due to Shane’s ability to connect and demonstrate his professional knowledge. Shane exhibits a strong get ‘er done attitude and continues to bring his best to the table day in and day out!

  • rsz_riley1

    Riley Swarbrick

    Jack of All Trades

    Lutron Certified Smart Home Expert

    Smart Home Certified

    Riley is Gord and Sue's middle son and has become a valuable asset to the team with his sharp wit, attention to detail, and authentic customer service.  Riley’s good nature and ability to flex within the work he does sets him apart. He is a Certified Yoga Instructor which brings a calm and grounded effect to the levels of multitasking we ask of him.

    He joined the team in January 2019 as a Style Consultant/Installer and has expanded his skillset henceforth. Although most days you'll find Riley manning the fort at the Brandon showroom, it is not unlikely to also see him out on consultations, service calls, installations, motorization jobs, and more. 

  • rsz_1barb

    Barb Engel


    Barb is an invaluable asset to the Budget Blinds team and being Sue's childhood friend, she is yet another extension of their family!

    Barb was the very first staff member hired in 2012 to support Gord and Sue in their new endeavor. She has taken a couple hiatuses over their time here, but has always returned to lend her expertise and skill behind the scenes.

    Barb has a background in social work which lends a masterful touch to the first point of contact our customers have with the business. She is straightforward, honest, and gets the job done!  As an administrative assistant, she is one of the integral cogs working behind the scenes to ensure that every day operations run smoothly. You can catch her a few days a week behind the phones, but more than that, her efforts ensure the consultant will be ready to rumble when they show up at your home!

  • rsz_2img_0051

    Laurie Smitzniuk


    Smart Home Certified

    Laurie has been a part of the Budget Blinds team since fall 2016, and has become a key part of the team.

    He has a steady and methodical approach to installation which ensures the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed. When Laurie goes out on installs he’s quick to send back e-mails with a picture and a quippy phrase letting the team hear the feedback of the customer or how the job itself went: "looking good, customer very happy."

    If Laurie is the one installing your product, you can count on a job well done. If something is amiss, he ensures the communication goes to the people who will help correct the issue. Not only that, he's got a great sense of humour and is an all around lovely human. 

  • rsz_sheila1

    Sheila McNish


    Sheila's presence is so valued in our business that we just won't let her retire! She joined us in 2013 and became a fast friend and integral member of the team. We're so grateful to be able to rely on her strengths and absolute understanding of our business. 

    Sheila brings a competent, straight forward approach to her administrative work as she spent a good portion of her career working at McKenzie Seeds as well as working with her husband in their own business. Her husband Rick can also be seen around our shop from time to time lending a hand tuning up Elna, our sewing machine, while Sheila adds mentorship to Gillian's sewing. She can also be found lending a hand in the construction of our in-house made cornice boards.

  • rsz_149444745_495265691868382_5928296338487145285_n

    Gillian Maher

    Photography, Marketing, & More

    Lutron Certified Smart Home Expert

    Gillian joined the team in 2019 as a Style Consultant and has since gleaned a well rounded perspective into the business having also worked in the administrative role. This knowledge has become useful as she’s morphed into a contract position in marketing, photography, and specialty shape sewing. 

    You’ll find Gillian and her amazing spirit in an array of circumstances: from out on installations steaming and dressing drapery, snapping photos, building cornice boards and specialty shape stationary shades, or developing marketing material. Gillian’s knowledge of the business paired with her creative intuition lends her to be a helpful addition to the behind the scenes team.

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