Facts About Seattle Top-Down Bottom-Up Shades

Are you looking for a new look for your home's windows? Are you looking for a unique look for your windows? You need to learn some important facts about Seattle top-down bottom-up shades.  

These window coverings are becoming more popular every day. These window treatments are the perfect solution for any room in your home. It is important that you learn the facts about this type of covering so that you can determine if this is the right type for your windows.

Here are the facts that are the most important for you to learn about.

One: Safe for pets and kids - These window coverings are safe for pets and kids to be around because they don't have cords hanging down that will entice pets or kids to play with them. The cords can be dangerous for pets and kids.

By getting a window treatment that doesn't have a cord, you are making sure that your home is safe for everyone that lives there, or that may visit at any time.

Two: Unique in how they open - This style of window covering has a unique way that they open. You can open them by rolling them up from the bottom, or you can roll them down from the top.

You can also partially open them to allow sunlight into the house, but also keep your privacy for your family. These window coverings will let you enjoy the sunlight while at the same time keeping prying eyes out of your home. That is a unique window covering that will easily give your windows a unique look.

Three: Easy to clean - These window coverings are very easy to clean. There is no need to take these coverings off of the windows to clean them. Instead, you just need to wipe them down with a clean cloth on a regular basis, such as, whenever you clean the room in the home where these window treatments are.

By making this a part of your cleaning routine, you will be able to keep these shades clean for a long time, and that is going to help them look great on your windows for a long time.

Four: Many design options available - There are a variety of colors, combinations, themes, prints or materials that you can choose from. That means that no matter what your home decor is, or what your personal decorating style is, you will easily be able to find the best shades for your particular home.

Now that you know these facts about Seattle top-down bottom-up shades, you can see why these window coverings are becoming so popular with so many people. Just consider these facts, and take time to check out the different options available so that you can really make an informed decision about whether this is the right type of window covering for your particular home.