Hunter Douglas Blinds - A Brand We’re Proud to Offer

When Steve or Larry are out consulting with a homeowner for their prospective window coverings, we show the finest products available. When folks come to us looking for blinds or shades, they are looking for more than just some shade, they want a product that fits their home, their style, and their needs. It’s why we partner with exclusive brands likeLutron, Norman Fashions and more. One of the brands we are proud to offer is Hunter Douglas Blinds!

First, let’s take a look at who/what Hunter Douglas Blinds are! Hunter Douglas is a multinational window covering business, based out of the Netherlands. They have branches throughout Europe, North and Latin America, Asia, and Australia. Their blinds are in homes around the world, helping to give folks the privacy, lighting, and style they are looking for.  They’ve been around for a hundred years as of 2019, and you don’t get to be that old in this business by providing junk!

Here’s why we love offering Hunter Douglas Blinds to all of our Scottsdale neighbors!


Why We Love Hunter Douglas Blinds


You know what we love here at Budget Blinds of Scottsdale? The new, the improved, the innovative. Hunter Douglas Blinds are always taking a step forward in their custom-assembled window treatments. They have advanced operating systems to make them easier to use and control.

Motorized blinds and shades are all the rage and Hunter Douglas have a wireless system that allows you total control from a smartphone, tablet or a remote. Innovation isn’t just in the tech behind the blinds! Hunter Douglas Blinds also have some of the most beautiful fabrics in their window coverings. They are innovating function and form!

Child Safety

When it comes to blinds and shades there are safety concerns that have to be addressed for many of our buyers.  Those with youngsters know that they can get into just about anything and somehow move towards dangerous things like magnets. One study in the Journal of Pediatrics found that dangling cords from blinds sent over 17,000 kids to the emergency room with injuries over a 26 year period. That’s over 650 a year! Yikes!

Hunter Douglas Blinds take child safety seriously. That’s why their blinds come in cordless and motorized systems, retractable cords, wand controls. When our customers are looking for blinds and shades and they have young children, we are sure to show what Hunter Douglas has to offer.

Variety & Quality

Hunter Douglas Blinds are the trendsetter when it comes to window coverings. They offer a wide range of fabrics, styles, materials, and systems for their blinds and shades. Want a honeycomb shade with great light filtering? There’s a Hunter Douglas for you. Blackout blinds? Roman shades? Shutters? They have a covering that suits your needs. Unique products that perform special functions, such as light projection.

The quality of their products bears mentioning because guess what, we love working with a material that we can count on and trust to work like it’s supposed to. We stand by all of our installations and jobs, but we wouldn’t be able to do that if the product itself was subpar quality. That’s why we only partner with manufacturers we trust. They make an excellent product and with our expert know-how you’ll have them fitted perfectly for you home. Everytime.

Are you ready to meet with Steve or Larry and see what the right window coverings can do for your home? Schedule a free consultation and one of the brothers will meet with you, bringing the showroom right to your door. Together you will see just what option works best for you, and with our expert advice will put you at ease, you are in good hands with Budget Blinds of Scottsdale.