Blackout Blinds - When No Sun is Good Sun

Have you ever worked third shift? Coming home at 7 AM and trying to get to sleep in the early morning sunlight can be a difficult task, your body see the Sun and while it is exhausted, it thinks it’s time to stay up and get to business. It’s just the worst. Maybe you are a bit of a cinephile and you are tired of your home theater experience being ruined by the sun washing out your image. Whatever the reason, sometimes you just want the inside of your home to be dark, and regularly blinds just won’t do. Enter blackout blinds, here to save the day!

Blackout Blinds

Blackout, Not Light Filtering

There are three kinds of blinds, shades or drapery materials out there that might seem the same at first glance but believe us, if you pick wrong, you’ll end up more agitated than anything.  These are known as Blackout, Translucent and Sheer.

Blackout refers to materials that happen to be fully opaque (don’t let light through).  

To clear the air the term blackout can be misleading so we usually refer to these types of fabric as room darkening. While there are many fabrics that can totally or almost totally prevent light from coming through but in application many times light is visible at the edges and is known as the halo effect.

Translucent or light filtering blinds do just that, filter some of the light which cuts the brightness in the room while still allowing some light in. They can help improve energy efficiency (remember blocking out light helps keep the heat down) while still giving a light glow in. You could have your light filtering blinds down and still be able to read the newspaper for instance. When your blackouts are in place, you better bring a light.

Then there are sheer materials and screens that block some light but also allow some visibility through the material itself.  That also means that if you can see out during the day then you can see in from the outside at night (privacy could be an issue).

When black out blinds area measured and fit properly for a window they can significantly prevent the sun from penetrating into the room, making your room darker and all the benefits that come with it! We’re talking a reduction in heat, no sunlight creeping in to ruin your sleep or wake a baby. So, how do they work? 

How Blackout Materials Work

There are several ways to keep light from coming in. One way is to use materials that are dense and don’t let light through like wood (shutters and blinds), foamed backed (roller blinds and some fabrics) and through the use of special linings like for draperies (very tightly woven fabric).  

Hey, what about the ultimate black out setup!!  What is that? Let’s say you want as much light possible kept out as possible.  There are additional steps that can be added to blinds and shades that prevent the halo light from creeping in.  This usually involves installing channels on the sides and bottom encasing the edge of the black out material to trap the light making it as dark as possible.

Do Blackout Blinds Keep Out the Heat?

As we mentioned previously, blackout blinds do reduce the heat transfer from the sun and window into your home by about a quarter! The heat stays out, your A/C doesn’t have to work so hard to keep your temperature down and your energy bill doesn’t take as big of a hit. Not too shabby huh?

Can Someone See Through The Blackout Blinds?

Blackout blinds are made in such a way that you cannot look through them, whether inside looking out or the reverse. Whereas in standard shades or curtains you can see through slightly or at night when there is a light on in the house you can see somewhat from the outside in. Not the case with blackout blinds!

If you really want to have the perfect control of your lighting situation, get your blackouts installed using Lutron® automation technology and you can control every blind, every inch, every minute. Set your blinds to a set time, say at 6:50PM before your favorite show starts or 6:50 AM as you get home ready for bed. Manage the child-friendly, energy-efficient blinds from your smartphone and be the master of your domain! The sun can’t get you, now back to sleep/your Netflix/your privacy!

Want to see what kind of blackout blind options are available here at Budget Blinds of Scottsdale? Give us a call and schedule your consultation with the Brothers Linnemeyer, we’ll bring the showroom to your door and help you find the exact right window solution for you! Whether that’s automated blackout blinds, cellular shades, or any elaborate combination you imagine. We love helping our neighbors!