Wood Blinds by Budget Blinds


When it comes to design, wood blinds are timeless and versatile. They can be made in any colour (including an exact match to your paint colour – available as an upgrade). There are more than 5 options for valances which include decorative, crescent, modern, decorative tape, keystone, and more. These shades also have the option of a continuous valance across multiple blinds, leaving you with a streamlined look even on wide windows that need more than one shade.

For an even more customized option, you can add decorative tapes to your wood shades. An added bonus of doing this is reduced light leaks as the tape covers the area where the slats have cording running vertically.

ES Budget Blinds Wood Valances


Functionality is a large part of the appeal of wood shades. Because of their slats, wood shades can be louvered to just the position you’re looking for in order to control light and privacy. Although not known for their room-darkening qualities, wood shades can be made in the ‘routeless’ option which dramatically reduced light leaks by eliminating route holes – we can explain this further during your consultation.

Although lighter in weight than faux wood, wood shades do tend to be on the heavier side of the window covering spectrum, so many of our clients prefer to leave the shade in the closed position and operate the slats instead. Another solution to this in large windows is to choose multiple blinds on one headrail or with one valance across.


Wood blinds are definitely one of the most affordable styles on the market, especially when you consider their natural charm and authentic look. You can expend to invest $200 or more on a small window, and around $1,000+ for a big picture window. However it’s always best to take advantage of the FREE consultations we offer in order to get a concrete price.


Wood shades can be very pet and child safe when the right options are chosen. These shades now come with an optional cordless upgrade, where you simply push up or pull down on the bottom rail to operate the shade. You can also partially automate wood shades – again, something to ask about during your consultation.


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