Faux Wood Shades - What You Need to Know

Faux wood blinds are a beautiful and economical solution for any space, whether residential or commercial. These shades are very versatile – they come in many colours and almost any size. The louvers can be operated to change the level of privacy and light control, and if you’d like a clear view of the scenery outside you can fully raise the shade to do so. A routeless option is also available – which lets even less light through (ask your design consultant about this during your appointment). An added benefit is that this style can be manufactured as 2 or 3 blinds on one headrail with a continuous valance across it for a seamless look.

More often than ever, clients are choosing to order faux wood shades with cordless or motorization upgrades. The cordless function is available to raise and lower the shade while the louvers are controlled by a wand or cord tilt. When automating the blinds, a remote is available to louver the shades via a motor behind the headrail which can be battery-operated or hardwired.

Another benefit of Faux Wood Blinds is that they are easy to clean. Although it will require some time due to the slats, faux woods are very wipe-able and can be sparkling new with very little effort. One trick is to use a pair of kitchen tongs with damp cloths attached to each side and slide them across the slats – brilliant!

We’ve attached some photos of faux wood shades here but there are so many more! Please feel free to check out our gallery and, of course, contact us when you’re ready for your Free In-Home Consultation and we’d be happy to help!