Dual Shades: Double the Style, Double the Function!

Dual Shades: they’re one of the most functional and on-trend styles on the market. The 2-layer banded fabric allows a seamless transition from open to closed as the bands slide by one another. When the bands are aligned, you’ll benefit from full privacy and more light-control. When you want to see out or let the light in, simply shift the bands so that the sheers align and allow diffused light to come pouring in.

Dual shades come in a wide variety of colours which means they can be a focal point of the room or blend in with the décor – the choice is yours. Two fabric densities are available – translucent or room-darkening. The room-darkening fabric is better suited to a bedroom or theater area while the translucent fabric is great for main areas. The bottom rail of the shade as well as the cassette valance are wrapped in the same fabric as the band for a cohesive look. When the shade is fully open, benefit from unobstructed views as the shade disappears inside the headrail.

There are many ways to control the operation of a dual shade. RemoteLift motorization is available for hard-to-reach windows, and Simplicity automation allows the option for re-chargeable shades that never need new batteries. You can also purchase the power wand option, which has a wand and pendant that allows you to raise and lower the shade with the touch of a button and is also rechargeable. For a more standard style of operation, choose the continuous cord loop and precisely position while the cord remains a constant length. Cords are anchored down to the sill to provide optimal safety for children and pets. For added versatility, these shades also come with the option of a two-on-one rail which is two shades that operate independently under one valance – idea for wide-set and side-by-side windows.

Dual shades have become a very popular option – and I’m sure you can see why. If you’re looking for some inspiration, click here, and to see these shades in action in Saskatchewan, click here.

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