Child & Pet-Safe Window Coverings

Child Safety is at the forefront of window covering advancements. It’s the MOST important factor when it comes to choosing shades in areas that children will frequent. And YES, it is absolutely possible to have window coverings that are both stylish and safe.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to child safety. The most common one is the cordless feature. When we say ‘cordless’, what we mean is that there are no dangling cords. Typically this means that you will open and close the shade by raising and lowering it by hand. Almost all styles have the ability to be made cordless including cellular (honeycomb) shades, faux wood and wood blinds, roller shades, shutters, vertical blinds, horizontal window shadings, woven wood shades, roman shades and more.

Motorized window coverings and automated blinds are really picking up in popularity, and for good reason! They’re the ultimate in style and convenience. A touch of a button on a remote or your cell phone can now raise and lower your shades, or you can set them on a timer – the choice is yours! But of course, because there are no dangling cords, they are great for child and pet safety.

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