What’s the Big Deal about Plantation Shutters in Montecito?

You may have noticed a lot of homes in your local area opt for plantation shutters. They can be extremely beautiful when used properly, but there are many other benefits. This is more than just light control. So, what is the big deal about Montecito plantation shutters? Why should you consider them for your home?

They Offer that Extra Layer of Privacy

Exterior plantation shutters help to add a layer of privacy and security to your home. When they’re closed, nobody can see into your home. The windows are boarded up, making it difficult for someone to get through the window. Burglars don’t want to risk the chance that you’re sitting on the other side of the shutters, so they’ll leave you alone.

Interior shutters can also offer a similar benefit. While the window is boarded from the outside, there is the security from the inside. It’s still harder for burglars to see in and you can also protect yourself from the nosey neighbors.

Protecting Your Windows from the Weather

Exterior plantation shutters in Montecito also offer a layer of protection against the elements. During storms and bad weather you can close the shutters, protecting the glass from strong winds, hard rain, and flying branches. Your shutters will take the pressure and the damage, rather than your glass. The windows remain intact, keeping the wet weather outside.

While you will need to repair your shutters, they are more durable than glass. There are chances that they won’t be shattered in the way that your windows will. In fact, there is a chance that your shutters just suffer a few chips depending on the material you choose.

Ease of Maintaining Beautiful Coverings

Many people fear that shutters are expensive and timely to maintain. This isn’t quite the case. In fact, your Montecito plantation shutters are among the easiest to maintain, especially when it comes to the interior options. Exterior shutters will require some ladders and you may need to get a friend to help with higher levels of your home.

With interior shutters, you just need a screwdriver, hammer, and drill. All you need to do is remove the hinges to take the shutters down and give them a thorough clean. When they’re cleaned well, they will look bright and new for the home. Exterior shutters that are cleaned regularly will also withstand the weather better.

Sometimes you’ll need to sand down and re-varnish your shutters. This will depend on the type of material you choose. Vinyl or faux wood shutters tend to be the easiest to maintain.

Safest Option for Children in the Home

Do you want a type of window treatment that is safe for everyone in the home, while being easy to use? Plantation shutters in Montecito are the type to work with. There are no cords to install and use, limiting the risk of children getting their necks tangled in the cords.

You may be worried about small hands getting trapped if playing with the shutters, but this isn’t a worry you need to have. The shutters have locking mechanisms, keeping them open until you’re ready to close them. The shutters will then stay closed until you’re ready to open them again!

When you want a beautiful treatment for the window that offers a range of benefits, Montecito plantation shutters are worth the consideration. They are easy to maintain, protect your family, and offer extra security. What reasons do you have for not having them?