What Type of Motorized Blinds in Santa Barbara Can You Get?

There’s a lot of hype over Santa Barbara motorized blinds, and for good reason. They make managing the light control in your home so much easier. There’s no need to get up and shut or open every single blind to keep glare out, prevent UV damage and keep heat in.

When you choose to get motorized blinds, you’ll likely look for something that matches the style you already have. Is this possible? What type of blinds and shades can be you get for your home?

Roller, Solar, Roman and More

When it comes to shades, you have a range of options. Shades and blinds do differ slightly. You don’t get as many heating benefits from shades as you do with blinds, but they tend to be easier to work in with your décor. Shades are more fabric than metal, wood and aluminum, meaning you have more choices over colors and patterns.

You can get solar, roller, roman and many more styles of shades in a motorized fashion. Because they are so easy to make and so popular, the costs tend to remain down. These are some of the most affordable motorized blinds in Santa Barbara.

Venetian Blinds of All Types

Whether you want real wood, faux wood or even vinyl, venetian blinds are popular options for motorization. You get full light control with them, they are fully durable and are extremely easy to install. You can add venetian blinds to any room in the home, and their ability to handle humidity and dampness makes them perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.

Because you’ll need slightly different mechanical elements, venetian motorized blinds in Santa Barbara are a little more costly than the roller and solar options above. It’s not just a case of opening and closing, but you’ll also need to manage the movement of the slats.

Some materials will cost more than others. Faux wood is one of the most costly materials for all types of blinds, but definitely the most durable.

Vertical Blinds for Your Sliding Doors and Windows

If you have doors or windows that slide, you’ll want to consider vertical blinds. The great news is that you can get these as Santa Barbara motorized blinds. Like with venetian blinds, you can get them in a range of materials, but fabric or vinyl tend to be the most popular. Because you’re not as likely to use faux wood, the costs are a little lower than standard venetian blinds.

Of course, the size of the blinds and the extra controls for managing the slats will lead to some cost increase compared to roller and solar shades. However, like with venetian blinds, the durability of the blinds is certainly worth the cost.

Motorized blinds in Santa Barbara are valuable options for homes. They look amazing and are highly practical for all. The great news is there are a range of style options depending on your cost, décor and personal preferences.