Roman Shades in Goleta: Build Up from Shades or Finishing Touches?

Your roman shades in Goleta will play an important part in your interior design. For some, they’re the base that everything builds up from. For others, the blinds become the finishing touches in the home. Which one will they be for you?

This isn’t a straight answer. There are pros and cons to both and it will depend on what you want to gain from your window treatments in your home. Here’s a look at the two options to help you decide the way that it will work best for you.

Building from Nothing

If you’re just moving into a home, building from the window treatments up can be an excellent option. You can work with a clean slate and use the roman shades in Goleta to work from. Whether you start with clean, white blinds or you build up from an intricate design is completely up to you.

It’s possible to get something intricate without worrying about if it suits everything else. You get to start with the roman shades as the statement and work in other coloring from the details. The only thing you may need to build up from is the wall coloring, especially if you’re renting.

When you have other furniture in the home, building up from the blinds is much harder. You will need to make sure the coloring works with the window treatments that you already have. It’s important to work in with the style of period pieces that may be featured in your shelving units or woodwork around the home.

Using Roman Shades in Goleta for Finishing Touches

You still get a lot of style choices when it comes to using your shades as finishing touches. If you already have plenty of furniture and other throws, you may want to keep things simple by using plain window treatments, regardless of the style.

Instead of just being limited to white or cream, you may find you’re limited to just block colors. You don’t use the patterns, but you still get to choose the colors that you add to the room. Look at other colors in your throws, your walls, or your upholstery and match to bring out one color in particular.

The finishing touches can also be based on the style of roman shades in Goleta. They come in a range of styles, whether you opt for a stack, a pinched-at-the-side style, or a cascading shade. You can add a sense of beauty and personality through the different ways the roman shades sit instead of with the patterns and colors.

However, you can also still use patterns by using your shades for finishing touches. You can bring out a sense of the period features in your home with some classic patterns or period features within the material.

The main thing you need to consider is what you’re starting with when moving. If this is a fresh start or you’re looking at replacing everything, consider building up from your roman shades in Goleta. Otherwise, you’ll want to use them with other moveable items to add finishing touches to your home.