How to Make Your Draperies in Goleta More Modern

When looking at window treatments, you may have initially considered Goleta draperies. The problem is they come across old fashioned. You likely have the thick materials like velvet in mind and view drapes as dark coverings for your windows. That isn’t the case. Drapes can look beautiful and modern with these top tips.

Work with Lighter Colors

Start by working with brighter and lighter colors. Dark shades tend to give an appearance of the past. You likely link to the things you’ve read in textbooks about how drapes were used for confinement and to keep breezy homes warm in the winter. With central heating and better windows, the drapes don’t have to be as thick or dark.

You can still opt for thicker material if you like. However, lighter shades will help to take away the look of historical castles and stately homes. They can also offer more benefits when it comes to heating. Lighter colors reflect the heat more rather than draw it in, so you can keep the heat in the home during the winter!

Use Thinner, Modern Materials

The material of your draperies in Goleta will have a direct effect on the look. Make sure you opt for thinner and more modern materials. Cotton can be an excellent choice, or you may choose a synthetic blend of materials.

While silk and satin do look beautiful and new, they will wear away quicker than other materials. One of the reasons for the likes of velvet was because it sustained UV rays. Satin and silk give into sun rot quickly. You’ll need a good lining on the side facing the window if you want to protect against this.

Add Pleats to the Hanging

Drapes tend to hang loosely and relatively thickly. You can make them look more modern by focusing on the pleats. Use thicker pleats from the top that hang neatly the whole way down. These pleats will also help to make your Goleta draperies hang neatly, adding character and style to your home.

Opt for draperies that are slightly larger than your window. You’ll keep the pleats when you close them on a night.

Make Them Slightly See-Through

The thickness of the material will make your drapes look older. Remember that point about thinking of drapes from historical textbooks. It’s time to add some thinness to your drapes. Allow the light to shine through a little.

Doesn’t this prevent all the benefits of drapes? Well, not necessarily. You don’t need to let all light through. Just make your drapes slightly thinner so some of the natural light works its way into the room without any of the glare. You will reduce the need for your lights on throughout the day, while keeping the heating benefits. Think of your drapes a little like your solar shades. If you’re worried about too much daylight, you can put up a set of blinds or net curtains too.

Draperies in Goleta do get a bad reputation for being old. You don’t need to put up with that décor or avoid them completely. With the above four tips you will create a modern look with these traditional, beautiful, and effective window treatments.