How the Color of Draperies in Carpenteria Will Affect Your Mood

Colors have an affect on our moods. Some colors will make us happy, while others can make us angry, upset, or lethargic. You need to pick the right colors for your draperies in Carpenteria to avoid the negative emotions.

At the same time, you want a color that you like. If red is your favorite color, you may want to decorate the whole space with that color. It’s the color that tends to make people angry or agitated, so how can you avoid that? Here are our top tips to use color in your drapes in a positive way.

Use Darker Shades of Colors that Cause Agitation

If you want red, you can still choose it. The trick is to get a color for your draperies in Carpenteria that doesn’t cause the agitated feelings. You want to remove the anxiety, especially if you’re in a room where you’re supposed to relax.

Consider a slightly darker or muted shade of the color. Instead of bright red that’s associated with anger, consider a more muted color that’s connected to hearts and romance.

You can do the same with blue. A light blue color can create a cold feeling in a home. If you opt for dark blue, you can bring in a sense of the sea or even the night sky in the summer. This can help to bring in a sense of calmness instead of the cold.

Not all colors will work or there may be a time that you want a bright color. This brings us onto the next tip.

Opt for Colors that Bring You Positive Memories

If you want a color that’s usually connected to a negative emotion, you need to think about how that color affects you. For some, an icy blue color will make them think of fond memories in the snow. Or you may think about the blue sky in the summer months.

When choosing colors for draperies in Carpenteria, it’s important to consider what the color means to you. A bright, warm yellow is positive for many people but may be connected to something traumatic or negative in your life. It will bring back the memories instead of the positive feelings, so you’ll want to avoid that color!

Choose Summery Colors for Your Draperies in Carpenteria

The most common colors for positive memories are summery ones. Light orange, warm yellows, or even a deep blue can all bring thoughts of the sun, the beach, or the warmer weather. You’ll feel that positivity that you do when it’s warm outside.

You can also choose a dark green, bringing memories of the forest. This is a great color if you love the outdoors. It can also make you think of Christmas trees, which helps to keep the positivity throughout the year.

Consider how colors affect your mood. You’ll be surprised by the way some colors can make you feel, even if you like that color. You can end up cold or anxious. Getting the right colors for draperies in Carpenteria will make your living space perfect for you.

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