Cheap vs. Quality: What to Look for in Drapes in Santa Barbara

You’ve decided that you want to get drapes in Santa Barbara. This is a common choice for those who want to keep the costs to a minimum. However, you want to look out for getting cheap drapes that offer a false economy.

Getting quality drapes is important. Here’s what to look for in your drapes to make sure you get the best type and why cheap doesn’t always mean the best for your budget.

Cheap Drapes Can Need Replacing Sooner

While you want to keep the cost of your window treatments to a minimum, you don’t necessarily want the cheapest drapes in Santa Barbara. Cheap can often mean low quality.

Cheap drapes are a false economy. Sure, you save money upfront but you don’t save money in the long-term. These drapes tend to need replacing much sooner than the slightly more expensive drapes would need. You end up spending more money in the long term by opting for the low-quality material despite the lower cost.

Look Out for the Stitching

How do you tell whether something is cheap or affordable? When it comes to drapes in Santa Barbara, you need to consider the quality of the creation. Take a close look at the stitching.

Cheap drapes can be made quickly by machines. The stitching can miss a loop somewhere or be fraying in areas. You’ll want to take a close look at this. If the stitching is already poor, it’s not going to last that long.

This isn’t to say premade drapes are all made badly. It will depend on how much is made at once and where the drapes are made. It will depend on the machines that are used. Slightly more expensive drapes are made with better machines and in a smaller number so there’s more focus on quality.

Check the Quality of Material for Drapes in Santa Barbara

The next thing to consider is the quality of the material for the drapes. You want something that isn’t going to waste away over time. This means checking for the thickness and quality.

Of course, you may get sheer drapes. While the material won’t be thick, it still needs to be strong. You’ll want to check for any ladders within the material or anywhere that it may have pulled.

When it comes to thicker material, there shouldn’t be any light that shines through. Patches of the material can start to bald when it’s made to a low quality standard. Look out for this to get the most out of your material.

Make Sure There’s a Lining

Always make sure your drapes in Santa Barbara have a lining. A lack of lining is a sign of low-quality material.

The UV rays will shine through the window and hit the material of the drapes. These rays are harmful, causing the material to break down. The lining will protect the drape material. Without the lining, the rays are immediately hitting the material that isn’t designed to hold up against the rays. You’ll end up replacing your drapes much sooner than you should.

While you want to save money with drapes in Santa Barbara, you don’t want to pay into a false economy. Look out for quality drapes, even if you spend a little extra money than on the cheapest window treatments.

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