4 Things to Consider Before Buying Curtains or Draperies in Carpenteria

Curtains and draperies in Carpenteria are popular additions. They’re cost effective and can easily double up with other window treatments for maximum benefits. Before you go into a store to buy, make sure you’ve considered everything about them.

Drapes and curtains different. While drapes tend to be heavier and made with darker materials, curtains tend to be lighter, made with thinner materials. This will affect the practical benefits but there are other style and décor considerations to make.

Doubling Up or Single Window Covering?

One thing you’ll need to decide is whether you are going to create texture with your curtains or draperies in Carpenteria or whether the treatment will be alone. This will affect the style and type of drape or curtain you get.

If you’re doubling up, you’ll need to decide which treatment will be the base and which one will have the pattern. If your shades, for example, already have a pattern to them, work with a plain second layer. Alternatively, you can use patterns and prints on your drapes if your shades are plain.

What’s Your Room Feeling?

Colors and patterns will bring certain feelings and emotions into a room. This is all psychological but there’s little you can do about the way certain colors will make you feel. While you will have certain favorite colors, you’ll want to consider the feeling you’re trying to achieve in the room.

Do you want to create a sense of calm? Deep blue drapes can be beneficial. Want to add happiness and a summery feeling to the room? You’ll want to opt for yellows and oranges. Just want to keep things sophisticated and simplistic? White or off-white is the way to go.

How Will the Curtains or Draperies in Carpenteria Hang?

Now it’s time to look at the way you’re going to hang the curtains. This will affect the type of top you buy and will affect the length. If you’re doubling up with another window covering, you’ll likely need to hang from the outside of your window. This will mean you need a curtain that is longer and wider than your window.

You could get a tension rod that sits on the inside of your window frame. This is great if you’re only going to be somewhere temporarily and don’t want to cause damage. Consider shorter drapes for this.

Which Fabric Is Best?

While draperies in Carpenteria tend to be thicker than curtains, there are exceptions to the rule. Even then, you’ll have a choice of fabrics. You’ll want to think about the use of the room to help determine the fabric.