4 Craft Ideas for Broken Roman Shades in Carpinteria

Many people believe that when their Carpinteria roman shades break, they should throw the shades away. While you may want to get rid of the tangled cords and plastic loops, don’t get rid of the material just yet. You can create craft projects with the broke shades. Here are four ideas just to get you started to make use of the material.

#1. Create Your Own Curtains

Use the material to cut into squares or other patterns. You can use them as patchwork additions to other curtain material. It’s also possible to sew together different squares and patterns from other broken fabric items or old clothes. You can then make your own curtains or drapes to hang on the windows.

This is great when you want something that screams your own personality in the bedroom. They can be fun ideas for the kids’ bedrooms and even work well in the family rooms. Your broken roman shades in Carpinteria can also be used for curtains in nurseries for a friend or relative.

#2. Make Doll Clothes

Sometimes your kids will want you to buy new clothes for their dolls. Instead of buying something from the store, why not put the material from the blinds to use? Pull out the material and get to work on creating tops, dresses, pantsuits, and more for your kids’ toys. This is a fun craft project that you and your children can work together on.

You don’t have to make full outfits. The material can be cut into shapes and sewn onto other outfits, creating patchwork outfits. If you have fabric dolls, you can even opt for a Raggy Doll approach and use the material to patch up damaged sections in a fun and cute way.

#3. Make Photo Frames and Organizers

It’s time to pull out the dowels that aren’t broken and make them into a photo frame, notice board, or other organizers for the home. The material from the Carpenteria roman shades can then wrap around or work as the backboard for the frame. You’ll get your own poster board that you can build upon.

The best thing about this project is you can make the frame to fit your exact sizing needs. If you have precious pieces of artwork that don’t quite fit standard frames, there’s no need to worry!

#4. Make Your Own Cards

Use the material to work on scrapbooks and cards. You can create beautiful bows, add detailed frames, and even opt for patterned scrapes to stick on the front. Think about a heart-shaped cutout from your favorite part of your old roman shades. This is perfect if you had shades with floral patterns or a favorite cartoon character.

Don’t just let your broken Carpinteria roman shades go to waste. It’s time to pull out the elements that can be reused. Sit down with your kids and have fun on some new craft projects using the leftover material and dowels.