4 Benefits of for Using Montecito Roman Shades with Your Drapes or Curtains

You may have heard that doubling up on window coverings can help to add more style and gain more benefits. Roman shades in Montecito can look beautiful on their own, but what about using them with your curtains or drapes? Here’s a look at the top four benefits of using the two treatments together.

More Heating Benefits Throughout the Year

One of the biggest benefits is to your heating control. By having two layers of material to work through, the heating in your home is less likely to escape through the window. You can lock it into your home, meaning there’s no need to have the heating on throughout the winter. When you turn the heating off, you’re more likely to keep it in the room so you can enjoy lower energy bills.

Likewise, you can keep the heat out of the house during the summer. The Montecito roman shades can be used throughout the day, while the curtains are opened. Some lighting still comes into the room, while the heat remains on the right side of the window. The reduce air conditioning and lighting use will save you money on bills.

More Lighting Control Throughout the Day

If you have just one window treatment, you do have some lighting control but nowhere near as much as two covers. Once your blinds are closed, there’s nothing more you can do. After you’ve drawn the curtains, that’s your one option used up. When you have two options, you can choose to shut neither, either one, or both.

Really need to cut down on the glare but not the light in the day? The roman shades in Montecito can be perfect. Like to block out all the light to watch a scary movie during the day? Thick curtains can help with that, without feeling like you’re getting ready for the night. Want to block out all the light throughout the night or because of a migraine in the day? You can close two to make your room pitch black.

Better Sound Control from the Outside

Window coverings also offer sound control. The material soaks in some of the sounds, so they don’t interrupted your sleep overnight. Opting for two window treatments will offer further sound control.

During the day, the noise in the house will likely block out some of the sound but not all. You can close just one option if you’re struggling to cope with the sound. However, at night there’s no sound inside that mixes and blends with the outside noise. The noises from cars and people can become distracting. Just a set of curtains may not help. Two lots of material offers more of a sound buffer.

Better Protection from Sun Rot

Curtains are great but they tend to suffer more sun rot than other window treatments. Blinds are made with materials that are more sustainable against the UV rays. But that doesn’t mean you want to avoid using curtains. They can look beautiful and decorative.

Opting for Montecito roman shades can certainly offer benefits here. The material will be the first thing the UV rays hit, protecting your curtains or drapes.

It’s time to consider using two window treatments for your windows. Roman shades in Montecito can look absolutely beautiful with curtains or drapes, while offering a range of practical and money-saving benefits.