3 Tips for Doubling Up Your Window Treatments with Curtains in Goleta

Curtains in Goleta are some of the easiest window treatments to double up. They look amazing and offer a range of benefits, especially if you invest in thermal curtains. However, you can’t just mix and match to your heart’s content. Doubling up needs to work.

Start with the basics and work your way up. Here are three tips for effective doubling up of your window treatments so they don’t clash in color and compliment each other in benefits.

Keep One Plain and Neutral

Opting for two contrasting colors often works well. However, you want to avoid going for bright green curtains in Goleta on bright pink shades. They can look and feel messy, making it difficult to settle in the home.

The best thing to do is to keep one of the treatments plain and neutral. This is often better when the one closest to the window is neutral. Opt for the same color in each room, so from the outside it looks like you have the same treatments throughout the house; offering better curb appeal

Your curtains in Goleta are usually going to be further away from the window. Add the color and style to these, so they match your décor and appearance in the home.

Work Light and Dark

Consider doing a light and dark contrast. This helps to add dimension to your window, creating a sense of depth and character to your home.

You can do this either way, but it tends to work best with the lighter coloring closer to the window. The shades or blinds are likely to be used more throughout the day. Keep their airy and bright, so you have a sense of larger space in the room and around the house.

On a night, you want the feeling of coziness, especially in the middle of winter. Your curtains in Goleta will help with that, especially in a darker material. Even thin material looks warmer and thicker when it’s dark.

Use Sheer and Opaque

Finally, it’s all about the light that you let into your room. Window treatments aren’t just for blocking light out completely. They help to manage the levels. Curtains in Goleta tend to completely block the light, creating a sense of a smaller space. Double up with sheer curtains or net curtains to help keep the light coming in but offering other benefits.

If you’re not too sure about net and sheer curtains, consider blinds or even solar shades. They allow the light in without all the UV rays or they’re redirect the rays. You get the use of natural light in the day and can use the curtains on a night to block out everything.

When it comes to doubling up on your window treatments, you need to get it right. Mixing the wrong two types will lead to your windows drawing attention for the wrong reason. You can feel tension in the room, which makes it much harder to enjoy the space. With the right doubling up with curtains in Goleta, your rooms become spaces you want to be in.