3 Most Common Reasons Roller Shades in Goleta Don’t Work (and How to Fix Them)

Over time, roller shades in Goleta will stop working. This is when many people consider throwing them out and buying new ones. Stop right there!

There are some common reasons for the shades to stop working. This doesn’t mean they’ve come to the end of their time. After all, would you buy a new computer at the first sign of it getting slow and old? You’d replace batteries and fans until it really had given up the ghost.

It’s time to treat your roller shades in Goleta the same way. Opt to fix them rather than just buying new. They’ll certainly save you more money in the long run. Here are the most common reasons the shades won’t work and how to fix them.

They’re Not Raising Properly

The most common issue you’ll find is that the shades don’t roll up properly. They may get stuck part way or they may roll up at odd angle. Sometimes they don’t roll at all. This suggests that the shades have come out of their runners slightly or they’ve lost their tension. You’ll need to feed them back into the brackets.

To fix this issue, grab some pliers and remove the shades from their brackets completely. On the side is a pin to release the tension spring. Turn that until you feel the tension back in the blinds and then hang them back up.

This is just part of wear and tear and doesn’t mean your roller shades in Goleta have broken. Simply make the fix to improve the tension and you’re on your way.

They Don’t Stay Down Properly

What about when the blinds won’t stay closed? This is usually the problem with the ratchet. It’s probably gotten some dirt or dust in it over time, which is perfectly normal. After all, how often do you really clean inside the blinds?

Have your blinds completely up before you remove them from the window. This allows you access to the ratchet mechanism. You only need some compressed air and a toothpick to get whatever dirt or debris is stuck around the ratchet.

It can be worth doing this as part of your spring cleaning. By routinely cleaning out the ratchet, you won’t have a problem.

Don’t forget to lubricate the ratchet afterwards to make it easier to move the working parts.

They Roll at the Wrong Speed

How can a set of roller blind sin Goleta roll at the wrong speed? This is usually linked to the tension spring and is normal wear and tear. You’ll need to roll the blinds by hand to help get the tension spring working properly again. If the blinds are too slow, start with a lowered shade and then roll up half way before putting back on the wall. It’s the opposite way when the shades roll too quickly.

With the following tips, you’ll have your roller shades in Goleta back in working order in no time. There’s absolutely no need to go out and buy new ones.