The Best Options for Sliding Door Blinds in San Clemente

Sliding patio doors are beautiful and certainly open the space. They can also make getting in and out to your patio or balcony easier. However, you need to think about covering the windows. You need sliding door blinds in San Clemente, but which ones are right for you?

 You’ll likely think of vertical blinds first. They are excellent decisions, but you’ll need to know about all your options available.

Vertical Blinds for the Sliding Doors

 The first choice is definitely a set of vertical blinds. These are slat blinds that pull on and off in the same way the doors slide open. You get the full control of light and temperature that you would with the likes of venetian or Persian blinds, but the movement is easy with the sliding patio doors.

 They can often be the cheaper options too. These sliding door blinds just need extra panels added to make sure there’s enough coverage for your size of the door.

 Fitted Roller Sliding Door Blinds in San Clemente 

If you don’t want a set of vertical blinds, you could look at getting roller blinds. They can be affordable, but you’ll need to get a set of fitted blinds. They need to sit within the window frame on each panel of your sliding doors.

 This shouldn’t be a problem if made well. However, if they’re not fitted just right, the material of the blinds can get in the way. They catch and can rip as you’re opening and closing the doors.

 There are different types of roller blinds you can have fitted too. If you want a blackout effect, there are options. However, you could choose solar shades instead to help block out the glare but still give you the full lighting sliding patio doors will offer. 

Over the Top Roller Blinds

 Another option is to have a set of roller sliding door blinds in San Clemente fitted over the top. Instead of within the panels, the blinds will fit above the door and sit out slightly. When pulled down, they attach to the bottom of the door frame.

 These don’t get in the way when you’re opening and closing the door. However, you’ll need to make sure you have a full frame. The door should be slightly within the wall, ensuring there’s no gap between roller shade edges and wall, allowing light in when you don’t want it.

 Opt for Shutters Instead

 What if you don’t want sliding door blinds in San Clemente? Sometimes you want something a little more permanent, which is where shutters can be useful. You can even get them to slide in the same direction as the doors, making them part of the framework and keeping them out of the way.

 Shutters do certainly offer their long-term benefits. They’re an extra door, blocking out the light and preventing the heat from escaping if you need it. However, they’re not perfect for all. If you’re renting, you’ll want blinds instead of shutters.

 Think carefully about what you want to gain from your window treatments. Finding the right sliding door blinds in San Clemente will take time.