Colonial vs. Plantation Shutters in San Clemente: Which Type Should You Get?

You’ve decided on getting shutters in San Clemente. You thought choosing the type of window covering was going to be the hardest part but now you’ve realized there are different types of shutters. Colonial and plantation shutters are two of the most common types for interior shutters, but what’s the different and which is right for you?

Shutters aren’t a “one size fits all” window treatment. The different types offer a range of pros and cons. When choosing between these two types of shutters, you’ll want to consider your needs. Here’s a look at the differences to help you choose between them.

Colonial Shutters Are Better for Early American or Country Décor

The biggest reason to get colonial or traditional shutters in San Clemente is due to the type of home that you have. These traditional shutters look excellent in a home with an early American or a country style. You get that rustic feeling, especially for the New England parts of the country.

However, plantation shutters have started to take over in other types of décor. Despite the two types of shutters offering very similar benefits. Many people like the more contemporary look of the plantation shutters, especially for new build homes.

Plantation Shutters in San Clemente Offer More Material Options

Colonial shutters will always come in wood. There are different types of woods and different stains, but this is the only material that you can get. Even faux wood isn’t an option.

If wood is the material you’ve been looking for, then you still have a choice. Colonial certainly adds the rustic style to the home, which is one of the reasons for natural wood being a material of choice. It’s also a natural material, making it better for the environment.

However, if you wanted more choice of materials then you’ll need to select plantation shutters in San Clemente. While they do come in natural wood, you can also get synthetic and faux wood options.

There are so many benefits to choosing synthetic material. It tends to be far more durable than natural wood since the material doesn’t warp with the heat. Faux wood also tends to be a cheaper option, making it better value for your money. You can also get more color choices because the synthetic material can be painted without damaging it.

More Louver Choices with Plantation Shutters

Sometimes, you want large louvers to work for your larger windows. They look more in proportion and can also allow more light into the home when open. Then there are times that you want extra privacy, to the smaller louvers are essential.

You’re only going to get this choice with plantation shutters. Colonial shutters in San Clemente only come with one-size louvers. If you want to minimize your choices as much as possible, this is going to be a benefit, but you may find that the louvers just don’t work properly for your window style.

It’s important to run through your décor needs for your window treatments. Shutters in San Clemente are not one size fits all. Plantation and colonial shutters look great, but they have pros and cons that you need to consider carefully.