Spring Cleaning Tips

Nothing says spring like a clean home. While it may not be a fun job to check off the to-do list it is always worth it. We're here with a few tips and tricks to help make this year's spring cleaning a little easier!

Cellular Shades:

If they are looking a little dusty grab your vacuum. Use a clean and soft brush end on the vacuum hose to softly suck up any dust.

Another option is to use a clean rag and very diluted dish soap to wet the rag and spot clean your cellular shade. If you find that the integrity of the fabric has changed at all while doing this then simply raise the shade to the completely open position (so that the blind is tightly pushed together at the top headrail) and leave it there for 2-3 hours. This will help the shade regain its perfect shape.

Horizontal Blinds:

Our route less wood blinds and faux wood blinds are incredibly easy to clean. Gently pull out one slat at a time and give them a dusting with a Swiffer duster or Dry Swiffer floor sheet. For stuck on dust use a clean wet cloth, well wrung out, and wipe each slat. Carefully replace each one ensuring that the notches are towards the back so that it will settle back into place.

If you ever decide to use Pledge on your wood blinds make sure to spray it onto a clean cloth NOT directly onto the blind. To help prevent dust you can also lightly wipe your blinds with a new dryer sheet.