Hanging Draperies 101



Whether you are selecting drapery for privacy, light control, glare reduction, or simply enjoy them as a style statement, the how-to’s of hanging them remain the same!


The single most common mistake people make when hanging drapes? Installing the rod too low from the ceiling height! This mistake typically starts when purchasing draperies that are too short for the height of the room or window. We often see rods that have been mounted directly on or above the trim to accommodate for drapery that is simply too short for the space it is being hung in.

To avoid this mistake, account for the height of the drape to be hung ½” off of the floor and extend about 1/3rd of the way above the window towards the ceiling – if not right to the ceiling! This will give the room a larger appearance overall.


Secondly, when purchasing drapery hardware to hang your new panels on, ensure the rod is wide enough. The rod should not only stretch the width of the window, but should have enough length to extend 4”-6” past the trim on each side of the window. This allows for the draperies to be nicely dressed in place off to the side of the window ensuring the drapery will not block the view or natural light.


Material selection is also so important to achieve an elegant, upscale look. If the fabric is too heavy it can outweigh the room, if it is too light it can ‘bell’ or ‘swell’ towards the bottom creating an unappealing look. To get magazine-worthy drapery panels, select fabrics that are made of Cotton, Linen, or a Cotton-Linen blend. These materials have enough weight to hang straight from top to bottom and can easily withhold the addition of a blackout liner when needed in a bedroom.


Our recommendation is to use drapery as part of the team! You will notice in designer magazines and well-styled rooms that draperies are rarely working alone. Instead, they are paired with blinds, shades, or shutters to complete an overall function and design aesthetic. If you love the look of all fabric on the window, try mixing roman shades in a fun print or pattern with a coordinating drapery to frame the window.


Finally, ensure the correct header is selected for the style of the room and function of the drape. Although tab-top draperies can be cost-effective and are often found in the ready-made market, they do not move across a rod very easily. If you are planning to pull the draperies closed, select a Grommet or Pinch Pleat mounted on Decorative Rings for easy daily use.