Get Fresh for Spring

Spring is the perfect time to add something fresh to your home.

Simple updates can bring a new look without having to change your furniture or flooring. We love ideas that add style and beauty to your home. Your window coverings are a great place to start! Let's talk about some seriously practical ways that you can update your home with minimal hassle.

Drapery and Cornices:

Do you love your current window shades? Great! Drapery and cornices are the perfect way to add more style to your current window coverings. Drapery makes rooms and windows feel larger. When you add drapery panels to a window it can visually create the illusion that the window is larger because you cannot see where the sides of the window meets the wall. This also helps makes the window and the room feel more finished and put together.

Cornices are an option for a window with or without drapery. Cornices are wonderful for windows that don't have space for drapery. Cornices can also continue to help make a window feel larger and help hide the working part of your window shade. Cornices come in a huge array of styles and of course can come in your choice of fabrics. Cornices look amazing when you add nail heads to them!

Roman Shades:

Another great way to add a fresh update to your home is by adding a roman shade. Roman shades are so fun to add to your kitchen window, laundry room, or bathroom. We are sure that they are many interior designer's favourite choice for a way to add pattern or colour to a single feature window. They can be a great addition to your living room to help create a cozy and modern space that is so welcoming and beautiful.