Fall In Love with Sheer Drapery

Sheer Curtains & Why We Love Them

Sheer curtains may not be your first choice when updating your window coverings but perhaps they should be! For a timeless window treatment that can work with any style décor from traditional to modern sheer curtains are a perfect fit. There are plenty of fabric and trend choices which can make any room have major visual allure. Sheers can be a stand-alone treatment or go for a layered look with another window treatment like blinds or shutters for more coverage, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Like heavier drapery, sheer curtains offer an abundance of benefits including light control, privacy and security. Sheers are so beautiful and Budget Blinds® wants you to fall in love with them again. Here are some sheer curtain options that will captivate you:

Sheer Drapery in White

Sheer white curtains are a beautiful, yet uncomplicated, design option for your window covering needs. White sheers create an airy and bright feeling for your windows and make the room seem more relaxing. They offer softer natural lighting while providing some privacy. White sheers are a great option if you have a room with a lot of windows or very expansive window. They will offer you the option to cover up without having your windows look so heavy and full of window treatments. Lastly, white sheers are ideal for outdoor living spaces because they allow the indoors to continue outdoors.

Colored Sheer Drapery

Most people think that sheers need to be crisp white, but that is not so! Colored sheer fabric allows you to make a fashion statement with your curtains. Depending on the design scheme you are looking to achieve, colored curtains can range from very subtle neutral colors to extremely colorful. Consider bright pink sheers which will to add a pop of color in a little girl's room or a powder room! Sheer fabrics also come in the ever-so-popular color-blocking. Color-blocking drapery allows you to combine two colors that are either complementary or contrasting into one window treatment.

Your curtains can become the main décor spotlight in the space. There are so many possibilities when it comes to colorful sheers. Bring on the neighbourhood envy!

Patterned Sheers

Patterned sheers are an easy and creative way to bring personality into your home or favourite space. Although it may seem trendy, patterned fabric drapery will never go out of style. Depending on your personal style you can have a simple patterned sheer or if you can go for it with a fully patterned design. Both are fun to explore and will work great in a contemporary home. Having a subtle pattern can allow you to express yourself without going overboard but, if you love patterns, you can really show it off when it comes to your curtains. A fun and popular patterned print for drapery is geometric shapes which look fantastic on every window.

Have you fallen back in love with sheer drapery? Let Budget Blinds help you find the perfect match for every room in your home. For sample book and innovative ideas, call 866-879-9730 today or go online to budgetblinds.com to find the Style Consultant near you and schedule your FREE, in-home consultation.