Covering Patio Doors: Sliding and Garden Door Options

**Article originally featured in FineLifestyles Estevan/Weyburn.

Covering a door with windows such as a garden door or a sliding patio door may need more thought for aesthetics and usage than a typical window. Keep in mind the functionality and practicality. For example, keep cords and/or chains to the outside of the opening so they do not get caught in the door. Choosing custom window coverings also gives you the option to match the rest of your home, or compliment the current shades with a contrasting product.

SHUTTERS, either bi-folding or sliding, offer a simple, functional statement that goes with any decor. They are a durable, timeless product that offers versatility in light control. Shutters come in paint colours and natural wood grains to match any style.

ROLLER SHADES are a contemporary and modern selection, which are very functional for both garden and sliding doors. The benefit they have over other choices are the minimal amount of room they consume when rolled up. They come in a wide variety of colours and patterns, and because of the vertical attribute they carry, require very minimal cleaning.

VERTICAL BLINDS have been a popular choice for years because of the many functions they can provide on a large surface of glass. Modern day product enhancements and fabrics have made vertical blinds a continuing popular trend that allows the user to control the light and privacy, or adjust the completely clear the glass surface.

CELLULAR or HONEYCOMB SHADES are not only a beautiful product that come in many colours and light filtering options, but they were produced primarily to provide insulation. Cellular shades can be attached directly on your garden doors and can come with convenient options such as cordless and top-down-bottom-up.